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  1. Do you like to wear high heels?

  2. Incredibly sexy heels and legs!

  3. Love the look - very sexy!

  4. Stunning pair of legs and heels!

  5. What a stunning pair of legs and heels!

  6. Love your look in your high heels! You wear them so well.

  7. Do you enjoy wearing high heels? Joey from West Lafayette.

  8. Welcome! You have an varied collection of heels! Another high heel lover from West Lafayette, IN.
  9. Welcome! I live in West Lafayette, IN. You have an interesting collection of heels!
  10. Welcome! I imagine those heels look great on you!
  11. You look fantastic in your heels! Congratulations. You never know, with practice you may become very good in walking in those skyscrapers! Joey
  12. Dawn, Thank you for the warm welcome. I am sure I will enjoy conversing with people who share my passion. Joey
  13. Hello from Joey, I am a new member and have wanted to join this group for some time. I have a lifelong high heel fetish, both in admiring a nice pair of heels and also wearing them. I love a 6 inch high heel (no platform or clunky heels). I am looking forward to conversing with individuals who enjoy my passion.
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