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  1. @Flavio ok for me @Bootlover29, yes we've met around a good dinner
  2. When I'm passing through Paris I'll give you the information Chris
  3. Very nice Peter, waht is the brand ? and where do you by them in France ?

    Cali World

    Nice look for men
  5. Very nice balance in your outfit Not too feminine, not too masculine
  6. RonC I wish you a lot of courage in this long journey
  7. it all depends on how and where you want to wear them, inside or outside in public ?
  8. My masculine heels (between 2.5 to 3 inch)
  9. I don't think is flat, I think is sneaker with heel. All the look is good for me
  10. great sandal I like, can we see the heel ?
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