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  1. is the shoe size good not too big not too small?
  2. marvelous shoes, great choice, great heel, I love it
  3. maybe with a heel a little less high (10 cm ?) more usual , they would not have had the same reaction?

    Cali World

    cool Is no genre snekears with heel
  5. Very nice, I think i prefer the second


    I am in the same situation is more easy for me (in my mind) to wear closed shoes like à boot or low boot that shoes show more open like pump or sandal
  7. I like your boots, very nice and unisex
  8. Yes, I have the same feeling when I wear heels (even if they are very high sometimes) 2’ or 3 ' I feel more confident, more 'myself' happier, and at that time I wonder why so much inequality of clothing between man and woman when our time is precisely aimed at a perfect gender equality/parity man. I think this point would move much faster if the men broke their shackles: closed shoe shirt suit
  9. Ok Pieere, if else are interested Pas grave Pierre, si d'autre sont intérresse
  10. hi girls and guy that love high heels. I'm in Paris the 2 September end of day, if some of you want to organize an appointment for a drink or a diner is ok for me Bonjour à toutes et tous, je serais de passage sur Paris le 2 Septembre prochain en soirée, si certain souhaite boire un verre ou diner ensemble, c’est possible
  11. Very masculine heel good choice
  12. Hello Marc, welcome here / bienvenue. You are a passionate but do you wear heels yourself ?
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