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  1. And what is the result for 2020 ?
  2. Thank you for the pictures, dressing impressive by the quantity
  3. Welcome, I like that your skirt and the shirt of your husband is made with the same fabric / material
  4. Congratulations to you for this exploit. Did your manager understand your protest, did she make a feed back?
  5. Both are not easy to wear in public (well for me it's easier to wear boots) congratulations
  6. Like many of us here, my worst moment was a fall when I wearing ankle boots, block heels not very high 3inch, But in one particular place, on the Champs Elysée in Paris, while walking up a sidewalk, I didn't lift my foot enough and the heel caught on the edge of the sidewalk, and I fell forward. Otherwise on slippery supermarket floors you have to be careful on rainy days.
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