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  1. hh_pe

    I was caught

    Don't forget the gender reveal stunt that started the fire in Southern California.
  2. hh_pe

    I was caught

    I agree with many of you, I don't know how the airline industry is going to survive. I read several passenger lines started increasing their cargo service capabilities in a effort to bring in some revenue. When your completing against FedEx, UPS and other courier services that have their own fleet of aircraft, one has to wonder how much probability is there in flying a passenger plane as a cargo carrier. I'm sure there are many families like mine who elected to do a driving vacation this summer instead of getting on an airplane. Regardless of your view point on what is happening, I think
  3. hh_pe

    I was caught

    I figured it is time for an update. Surprisingly word DID NOT get out at the office. I continued my typical Friday morning routine and our secretary did come in a few more times early in the morning. She also wore some nice pumps that varied in heights from 1 to 3-1/2 inches. Things were good until the first of the year. In January I was reassigned to take over a project that required me to relocate to the client's office. There was no way I could wear heels at their office. With COVID-19, our company like so many others required everyone to work from home. I'm thankful I have the abili
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