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  1. I used to shave my legs years ago but don't any more. Obviously if I'm wearing heels with trousers it doesn't matter, but I've always loved black opaque tights and they cover my leg hair perfectly. If I'm dressing up there's nothing I wear that they don't go with.
  2. I agree with Rockpup, you need to talk to her about this. I know that in your mind she's going to pick this up and run with it, but to be honest it's unlikely. You need to find out exactly how she feels about the idea, and what level of involvement she's comfortable with. It may be that she's happy to indulge you sometimes and act as keyholder, but then again it may be something that makes her feel uncomfortable and the jokes are her way of dealing with it. As was said above, you need to find mutually acceptable boundaries, and the only way to do that is through discussion.
  3. They're knackered mate, you need a new pair.
  4. It depends, not if I'm just wearing heels with my regular clothes. Heels, tights and a dress, yes.
  5. I'm a 7.5 UK, sometimes 8 so I can buy heels with no problems. I do sometimes wish I was a 6 as a couple of my female friends have said that I could try on their shoes if my feet were smaller, but by and large I'm happy with the size I have.
  6. They look really sexy with the white socks and black tights.
  7. I liked the parody. I don't understand why all the furore over Claire's heels in the movie though, if she was portrayed as being hampered by them or as vulnerable then the screams of "misogyny!" may make sense, but she was pretty badass. The fact that she was able to do all the action stuff in heels was pretty impressive.
  8. I agree with Amanda that this might be better in "for everyone" unless you don't want a female perspective. For me I don't think it was about the heels. She knew from very early on that I liked them, and while she never moved on from a position of "don't ask, don't tell" it was never really an issue, we just grew apart over the years. I don't think it helped that we married in our very early twenties, and you grow up a lot between 20 and 30. The heels certainly didn't help, but we had plenty of other areas where things just didn't quite line up. If your marriage was fine apart from friction about your shoes it would be different, but it sounds like it's just not working out. If that's the case ideally you need to both discuss where things are going and see if you can work it out or if it's time to call it a day. If it's reached a point where you can't even discuss it, that's probably a sign that you should move on.
  9. I've ridden on the back of one in stiletto thigh boots.
  10. I'm not saying "what a weirdo" and never did, personally I don't care what people are into as long as no-one's getting hurt, however this is not that far from saying "So, Chinese foot binding looks like fun, how do I get into it?" My only concern on this issue is that anyone who actually does this is permanently damaging their body in a way that could affect their ability to lead a normal life.
  11. Not really, a guy wearing heels isn't deliberately and permanently damaging himself.
  12. Why someone would want to do this is beyond me, it's not healthy.
  13. With my ex-wife, yes. Despite knowing about my heels early on she was not happy and never got past "don't ask, don't tell". Wearing them in front of her was not an option. My wife now doesn't much care what I have on my feet, her only concern is the growing size of my collection!
  14. I really like small platforms up to about an inch but not really any larger. A 5" heel with a 1" platform is sexier to me than a 6" heel with a 2" platform even though the arch would be the same. I like that platforms accentuate the length of the leg and allow a higher heel, and they do help to protect your feet from unexpected pebbles, which are really uncomfortable with a thin sole.
  15. My daughter's three months old so so far it's not been a problem. Fortunately my wife is completely ok with me wearing heels, and we're both hoping that she'll have an open mind when she's older.
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