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  1. please delete this account

  2. nice looking woman...great boots...pricey tho...
  3. hell,i remember one of my aunts doing that to my uncle in the 1950s once. they were both notorious drunks tho...now i know where i get it from
  4. ive been using key rings for years,and patience for tight boots is the key as well...squeeze your leg and get the ramp angle down and the zippers will work
  5. how about anything that i like that i can fit into...
  6. i wear what i want to when i want to...screw what anyone else thinks
  7. he probably is only trying to muscle in on your lady. so as long as she has not interest in him,then u shouldnt either. a banana up his tailpipe might be in order tho...use gloves..no fingerprints or dna that way.
  8. with my wife its dont ask dont tell. i am sure she wishes it would just all go away...and it will. when i leave this earth,i am taking my love of boots with me...
  9. what credible medical professional would do such a procedure?
  10. when i am around the house i usually go down backwards
  11. sometimes i will be wearing my boots and leather...about a 50/50 proposition i guess. not tonite tho..worked 8 hours and my feet need a rest
  12. straight,married,solvent...but boy,do i like my boots and leather
  13. no i dont like them,but they should in no way stop anyone that does like them from buying them and wearing them. to each his/her own
  14. i have 56 pairs of boots,but no shoes
  15. mix and match...why not? who said they have to match
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