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  1. Would be very cool to meet in Toronto sometime! Don

  2. We are only six weeks away from what is beginning to shape up as a fun, well attended High Heel/Boot Meet in Toronto; Friday and Saturday September 10 & 11, 2010. See "Real Life Meetings thread, Toronto, ON Heel Meet Sept 10/11, 2010" for all the details. Hope to see many many of the North America members there! David

  3. are you still here? have not heard from you lately? Missed you at the Toronto meet.

  4. Hi Put up some pictures on Canada HHBoots Group. Not much snow, but still a winter scene.

  5. Hi Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes that is me with my first pair os pointed toe boots. Will be posting some album pictures soon.

  6. Thanks Theyre nice and light, but verycomfortable. The pointed toe is a little different, but good

  7. Hi Thanks for the vote of confidence. Im new at this, and trying to get the hang of it, so if I mess up, just let me know. I do love high heel boots, and so far this is great. Thanks
  8. Hi These are custum made. I dont see a name or ID tag. The place was called The Custum Boot Shop. I might still have the paper work.

  9. Hi By the way, I was serious the other day when I said I would take you up on the offer. The November dates you mentioned do not go with my schedule, but by all means let me know if more come up. I dont know yet if my wife would join me, but I would like to meet and go out somewhere with fellow boot lovers. But just for the record, if I wear my 5 inch heels, I will measure around 6 foot 4 inches.

  10. Thanks. What I need is to find out what kind of clothes to get to wear with them.I was never out in public, but when I decide to go, I want to look half decent.

  11. Hi The part that makes me a lot different is that I measure 5 feet 11 inches, and if you do the math, adding a 5 or 6 inch heel to that makes me stick out a bit in a croud. I can walk with heels all day, no problem, but I still would stick out in public I think.
  12. Hi I think this site will be good. I am very limited to what I can do at the moment, but there seems to be some nice people here.
  13. Hi I took a whole bunch of pictures inside, and then went outside and got a few dozen more of some of my boots. The fall setting is a nice touch. As soon as i get the OK, I will put toghether an album. I need some feedback.
  14. Hi I live in Northern Ontario. Not much I can do around here. Wearing boots in public around here would not be a very enjoyable experience. I need to go where there are more people, and more acceptable enviroments.
  15. I took a bunch of pictures inside and some outdoors. I will need some feedback. I will be putting them up soon.