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  1. When I travel and have to drag the laptop along, I use an inexpensive shoulder bag from Staples which holds the laptop, the power supply, a few accessories, and an extra pair of heels (or other stuff). The cheap bags wear out after a few years and I think I'm on my fourth one. 

    I do think a shoulder bag looks more professional than a backpack but you see more and more backpacks these days. Or rather, I've been slugged by more backpacks in recent years as people getting off planes don't know how far back the packs stick out when they swing around!


  2. KB,

    As a rule, black and navy generally do not mix well. But if the fabrics are very different, such as denim jeans with a black gabardine or twill jacket (can't really determine the fabric from your photos), it could be acceptable. Since you are flying home, however, you might want to re-think the boots if you have to take them off for TSA security. There won't be any trouble with heeled boots, but boots in general take time and effort to remove and put back on. I generally like to use something easier, such as sandals, pumps, or clogs. Just a thought.

    I love the black boots, and I have a similar pair. Fun to wear!

    Safe travels,


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  3. The interiors are often coated fabrics which are made to look like leather. The flexible coating, when new, contains a plasticizer, a chemical to keep the coating supple and flexible and help it adhere to the fabric. As the coating ages, the plasticizer slowly evaporates, leaving behind a coating that becomes brittle and inflexible. As the fabric flexes or rubs against your skin, your socks, or your hosiery, the coating flakes off in little pieces, leaving a mess and an uncoated fabric. As long as the bare spots aren't visible, you can still get use from the shoes. I have a pair of Naturalizer "Vitality" pumps which are 9 years old, and a pair of Aerosoles "Born Free" slide sandals which are deteriorating like that. I've had other shoes do that, too. 

    The spandex (the stretchy yarns in hosiery - Lycra is one brand name) will often deteriorate the same way over time as the elasticizer, the chemical that keeps the spandex flexible and supple, evaporates over time and leaves behind a non-stretchy fabric.


    Aerosoles Born Free black.jpg

    Naturalizer Vitality 1.jpg

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  4. On 9/24/2016 at 9:19 AM, Sydheel said:

    Yeah i had too many I didn't wear. Some were starting pairs that I outgrew but half were online purchases that didn't fit as id hoped


    I'm trying to contact you via email, but no answer. If you see this, check your pm and your email.


  5. On 10/1/2018 at 10:25 AM, bluejay said:

    I wear a lot of white shoes during the summer months. I wear pumps, sandals and white slides. I also see other women wearing white shoes and men too, wearing white men's shoes, during the summer months. It used to be that white shoes were worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but now white is worn all year long. I just bought a pair of Naturalizer closed toe slide mules in white to wear this fall. They were in their fall catalog. I also bought a pair of white chunky heel ankle boots to wear with my ensembles this fall. I bought them last spring. I wore them once before going to all summer shoes. Not planning to wear any white this winter as the salt and snow will ruin them.



    Happy Heeling,


    Great to see you posting again, Bluejay! You've been AWOL too long!

    Post more often. You always have good things to say and you say it well!


  6. My guess is that it may be a fetish, but I'm afraid I don't share it. But I agree, to each his own. 

    Years ago (1995 maybe?) I attended a beach wedding and many of the women wore high heels which sunk into the sand. It looked like they were wearing ballet flats with the toes sticking upward. No graceful fluidity there!


  7. I'm with you, SF. My parents made me wear tie shoes in grade school, but I really liked sandals and loafers. Finally I got a chance to wear what I liked starting in about 8th grade. I had a thing for women's shoes then, too, but never had a chance to own any until I went away to college. I'm not a "wing tip" kinda guy, that's for sure!


  8. Way to go, Mr. Plant! And welcome back to HHP. Some of us have noticed your absence and missed you. It's always good to read your posts. You're a good role model.

    Glad you had a good time and got to wear heels most of it. I'm sure you got lots of looks, but most people are polite and don't say anything.


  9. On 8/24/2018 at 7:15 PM, Bubba136 said:

    Likewise.  And, even in church, where women are supposed to dress up, all you see are sun dresses and flip flops.  Discouraging when a man is wearing the highest heels in the place.    

    That's happened to me a lot! 


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  10. Kneehighs,

    I think you've been a valuable contributor to HHP and a useful resource in posting articles and interesting reading. If people don't like it, don't worry about it. You're never going to please everybody all the time. Please continue doing what you've been doing and those of us who care will appreciate it.


    On 8/25/2018 at 11:23 AM, hoborob said:

    The only way that men in heels will become an accepted idea in society is that those that do wear heels to get out there and be seen. Being seen and being reasonable about it will over the long haul encourage other men to do so and it will grow, but you have to plant the seeds by first being seen by your local community even if it creates a stir. After a while you will either be a leader or "the crazy guy that wears heels". In the end it's up to you and getting over your own fears which will give you the freedom to wear what you want when you want.

    I agree with you completely (but then I usually do!). I have found that by wearing heels nearly every day (and ballet flats or mary janes when I'm not in heels), people do get used to it. I'm sure some notice and are too polite to say anything. Here at the retirement community in which I have lived for almost 4 years, only one person, a new female resident, has said anything to me, and that was a compliment. I am not only completely accepted, but appreciated as a caring and helpful member of the community. What I wear on my feet doesn't matter.


  11. I don't know if these count as "character" shoes, but I wear them a lot and I'm a character, according to those who know me!

    One is Clarks "Adya Clara," the second is Clarks "Emslie Lulin," and the third is Clarks "Rosalyn Wren." They're all mary janes and very comfortable to wear.

    (Some day I want to get a job being in charge of naming new styles for a big shoe company!)


    Clarks Rosalyn Wren black4.JPG

    Clarks Emslie Lulin brown 5.JPG

    Clarks Adya Clara black.jpg

  12. I really hate to see this feud continue any more. Both Kneehighs and Shyheels are my friends and while they don't agree on this matter, I think it would be better to drop the subject here and move on. Squabbling doesn't do our cause any good.

    In support of Kneehighs, I find his articles interesting, provocative, and cutting edge. If others think it's marketing gobbledygook, that's too bad - their loss. I hope heel (pun intended) continue to post articles and write about the fashion industry. Some of us appreciate it very much.

    In support of Shyheels, I agree that seeing men in heels in public at random is a rare event. I've seen them at charity events like Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, and in my personal contacts with several of the gang who post here. 

    So you're both right. Stop arguing. It's silly. Ignore each other if you must, but don't think of leaving the forum. You're both insightful people who make very intelligent and interesting posts.

    Now let's move on. Thank you.


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  13. SF,

    That's ok. I remember now. It's been a while since I used one (4 decades!), and I forgot. LOL

    Hey, I've got a riddle for ya. What's a 10-letter word that you can type using only the top row of letters QWERTYUIOP? (Hint: you don't have to use all the letters and you can use others more than once.)

    You will be amused by the answer.

    And to keep on topic, I'm in my black Clarks "Banoy Tulia" sandals today.



    Clarks Banoy Tulia black.jpg

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