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  1. I think from now to Halloween I’m going to have to restrict my outfits to just boots and jeans so as not to be mistaken for early Halloween dress.

    Nah, don't restrict yourself. Enjoy it. Everyday counts. Why limit what you like to do just because of an impending "holiday?" Besides, after Halloween, people are just going to jump to the wrong conclusion that you're still wearing your Halloween costume anyway. You can't win on that score, so continue wearing what you like whenever you like it. You're an inspiration to us all!

    Trick or treat!


  2. I cant believe how comfortable womens boots are. It turns my stomach to think that it is against the social norm for men to enjoy such comforts!.

    If it was'nt for the negative reaction I would get from my freinds and family I would wear womens shoes all the time. But alas I have to much to loose just for a fashion item:sad:. Hopefully one day it will become the social norm.

    I don't mean to be critical, because you've done a great job of getting out and wearing among strangers in public, but I want to stress that it will only become a social norm if enough men are seen wearing heels publically. It won't happen on its own, and it won't happen if every man cowers and waits for others to take the lead. We all think friends and family are the most difficult critics, but in fact they love us for who we are and mostly accept us "warts and all." It may take time to be accepted by them, so you may want to start slowly and conservatively, but at least get started. Eventually with enough envelope pushing, you can wear pretty much what you want. Your friends and family will see that you're still the same person you were, but just have an odd taste in shoes. Remember, the pioneers are the ones with arrows in their backs!


  3. Slide, It really is mostly a mind game. You do have to be comfortable, physically and mentally, with what you are wearing on your feet. If you're nervous, it will show, people will pay attention, and it will make you more nervous! If you are confident, people won't pay any attention, and if they do, chances are good you'll get a compliment. Confidence is sexy and if you have the courage to wear what a man might not ordinarily wear, then you're one cool dude! So go for it. I happen to like mules and clogs most myself. If your pants are getting caught between your heel and the shoe, they probably aren't long enough. Look into boot cut legs - they are made with a little flare and fall over the heel of any shoe very nicely. You can find more boot cut styles in women's pants than men's. Try JC Penney for example. Their service is top notch, and you can buy online if you want privacy, plus you can return anything you buy. Good luck! Steve

  4. W&M, Well, it was a good learning experience, and except for a little wounded pride, you didn't get head over heels (no pun intended) in a relationship that you had trouble (as in legal or emotional) getting out of or were devastated by. Sure it stings a little but you've quickly gotten over it and now it is time to move on and don't look back. We're all your friends and you DID get help. Xa was right. So look for a better match and you'll eventually find one. It will be so much better than the last one, you'll wonder why you committed so much energy into worrying about this one! Good luck! Steve

  5. Bubba,

    You could also try wearing full support pantyhose. The compression will energize your legs and improve circulation, getting more oxygen to the leg muscles. A lot of guys on the Legwear as Unisex Fashion forum (the hosiery equivalent to hhplace.org more or less) have stated that compression legwear has put an end to their leg cramps at night.

    I wear heels to bed (and often pantyhose, too). But I can't wear pumps - they make my feet too hot and I have to take them off. Sandals are perfect for me. Three to four inches is the right heel height for me. I have never experienced nightly leg cramps myself, but my wife has, and I know how painful they can be for her. I'm close to getting her to try the support pantyhose route, but I'm not there yet.

    Good luck.


  6. Right on! Take a look at the famous portrait of King Louis XIV of France, painted in 1701. Enlarge it and look at his clothes.

    He's wearing shoes with red block heels (maybe 2-2.5" high) and matching red bows. At first I thought they were slingbacks (from the left foot position), but the right foot looks more like an oxford. He is also wearing silk tights with garters, lace, ruffles, and a wig. He still looks masculine to me, even though today we would usually attribute these articles to women!

    Fashions change over time, sometimes rather quickly, as we saw when heels for men came and went suddenly in the 1970s. We tend to lose sight of that and think that fashion is stagnant, but it's not.


  7. Xa, If you're thinking along the lines of stiletto court shoes, I would agree; the TV and newspaper media will have a field day at your expense. I think there is a middle ground here that you might consider, and that is heeled clogs, loafers, or boots with a block or cuban heel (3-4"). A shoe like that would be a lot more masculine looking (or at least a lot less feminine looking), and while perhaps not as fun and sexy as a stiletto, would still allow you to rise a few inches and have fun on heels without the media spoofing you. Another thought would be to get at least a dozen blokes to go with you, and it would be clear that there is some strength in numbers. People might be impressed that that many guys would come out for a walk in heels for a good cause. Steve

  8. Happyfeat, All of your outfits look so well coordinated and not just thrown together. I tend to think that your body size and shape really go best with thicker heels, such as the loafers and loafer-style pumps, rather than the stilettos. To each his own, of course, but I really love the thicker heels on you with those outfits. Thanks for sharing your accounts of your outings with us. You're an inspiration! Steve

  9. Magickman, Great story! Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry the evening didn't turn out as planned. Perhaps a little more online dialog beforehand would have convinced her that you were serious, so she didn't waste your time and hers, but like the others, I applaud your up-front honesty. You put all the cards on the table so she knew clearly what a relationship with you would entail. Oh, well, it's obviously her loss, and there are plenty of other fish in the sea. I'm glad the evening turned out well, and good luck in future dates! Roni, Man, that's a crock about that date who got turned off so much she wanted to end the date immediately. People can be so intolerant that they deprive themselves and their date a good time. She, too, obviously is the loser, and I hope you've had many more successful dates since her! Thanks for sharing your story. Steve

  10. Luckyme, I agree with Dr. Shoe. You may have inadvertently set yourself up for problems later. She will now associate your heel-wearing with fetish wearing, which is fine if that's all you ever want to do, but will become a big barrier if you ever want to wear heels in public. To counter this false impression you have given, you need to act quickly. You might do well to buy a pair of fairly masculine or unisex looking heels (maybe 3-4"). Get some oxfords, loafers, or clogs with a block heel perhaps. Tell her right off that although it was exciting to wear the sexy shoes , what you really liked was the feel of the high heel and that you would really like to wear your new heels in public with her. That might take some of the fetish out of it and open the door to future public wearing if you think you would ever want to do that. I just hope you haven't painted yourself into a corner already. Good luck! Steve

  11. Oh, no! That's too bad, Johnie! I was looking forward to seeing you both again, and introducing my wife to you, too. If you can reschedule the heel meet sometime in November or early December, that would be great! We understand your circumstances, but it's still disappointing. Take care and hugs to Ruth. Steve

  12. I agree with all the others here who favor women's jeans and pants with boot cut leg. I have bought them in the local Walmarts, Targets, and JC Penney's stores and also online on the Penney's web site. I ordered a wide selection in 18W and some fit and some didn't, so I returned the ones that didn't. The nice thing about buying online or mail-order is that you can take your time trying on the jeans or pants and try them with different heel heights and different shoes to see what they look like. You won't tie up a change room or salesperson's time, either, so you can do it over a period of time to see what the clothes look like in daylight, at night, and in various poses, standing, and sitting in different chairs, etc. Steve

  13. I rarely buy shoes in a store, so trying them on isn't an option, but in the past, before Al invented the internet, I used to buy in stores occasionally, and would openly try them on. These days I love shopping online, and most of the time I'm good with a 12M in a shoe with a back, like a pump, boot, or loafer, and an 11M in a backless shoe, like clogs/mules, sandals, and slingbacks. Clogs/mules with a 3" block heel are my favorite, because they look unisex and I can wear them anywhere. Most of my online shopping is on Ebay - I like the thrill of the auction as much as the acquisition itself - and most of what I have bought over the past few years have fit ok. Those that don't get recycled to Ebay, so I don't lose much. And I never pay a lot in the first place, preferring shoes that are low priced with few bidders. I have over 200 pair of shoes now! That's way too many, or so my wife says. She's just jealous! HA HA Imelda in Ohio

  14. Hi, Everyone,

    My name is Steve and I have had an interest in heeling for quite a while. I am glad to find others here with similar interest, and I hope to make many friends here.

    I have been interested in fashion freedom for quite a while. My company is G. Lieberman & Sons, Ltd., in Granville, Ohio, just east of Columbus in the center of the state. We sell hosiery for men - mostly support hosiery - opaque tights, sheer pantyhose, stockings, knee highs, and socks - under the Activskin trademark. We also have a line of loungewear, underwear, sleepwear, and intimate wear which we sell under the Comfilon trademark. We sell all over the world from our web site at www.comfilon.com and we have distributors in several parts of the world as well. We welcome your business.

    My wife Connie accepts my heeling, even in public. My interest is mostly limited to block and tapered heel clogs, mules, and loafers. I am mostly interested in presenting a masculine appearance. I don't wear stiletto or blade heels, sandals, or pumps with a lot of foot showing - what are generally considered the more feminine types of shoes, but I am open to the idea and I support all of you guys who do like to wear the more femme shoes. I am also not into skirts or crossdressing, wigs, make-up, or painting my nails, but if you're a guy who likes those things, I applaud your interests and support your doing so.

    I look forward to many interesting discussions here.


  15. Puffer, Thank you for pointing out my error in reading his post. I have gone back and edited my comments. I certainly didn't intend to be at all confrontational, I just wanted to voice my different opinion. I should have read his post more carefully and I should have read my own more carefully, too. Sorry for the faux pas on my first post. Daniel, I have done that. Thank you for the guidance. It's in the thread "Hi from O-Hi-O." Steve

  16. I respectfully disagree with your assumption that high heels are feminine. Stilettos are, perhaps, but a wider block or tapered heel that is, say 3" high, is genderless in my view. I also respectfully do not accept that the only reason for women liking guys wearing is fetish. It may be true most of the time but you can't speak for everyone. There may indeed be women who like their men taller, and find nothing fetish about their guy wearing a 3" block heel boot. All I'm saying is that you can't make sweeping generalizations. Steve

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