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  1. The black pumps are much better than the boots
  2. Went to my nail and wax salon this morning, waxed in all the important places, then pedi with mid- blue polish, toes only, now ready for a great evening out with the gf. she loves it!
  3. I bought my gf a pair of Louboutons 6' heels. She loves them [because she knows it turns me on but she cant wear them to walk far in. And £600 - wow.
  4. My mum passed away many years ago but she saw me in 5' stilettos and thought they looked great.
  5. My gf loves me in heels. She buys them for me and ikes it if I go out with her. I have to say that she prefers it if I am made up, she does my face for me but no other girls clothes. She wears 6 inch heels herself which is a big turn on for me and makes her as tall as me, I am a lucky guy!
  6. I think that it is difficult to wear a dress without getting dangerously close to being a tranny. Which I am not1 But if I go out in a mini dress and heels I am still too nervous not to disguise myself as a woman
  7. For me, stilletos are by far better looking and just as easy to walk in. I find anything higher than 4" too much like hard work if I'm out all evening.
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