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    Collecting and wearing shoes, boots and leather, riding motorcycles & hunting furry critters.

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  1. Hi Don!

    Thank you for your kind comment!

    I plan on uploading many more pictures in the future, mostly of my shoes and boots as I'm not sure  leather clothing is appropriate for a site named high-heel place lol. Maybe I'll add just enough for a tease 😉!

    It's mid winter here in MT now and the Harleys are snuggled up in the cozy garage until spring. The leathers have also been cleaned and put away until next riding season. 

    Vroom! Vroom! 




    1. pebblesf


      Shelby, I'm pretty sure we have met on other sites where I might be known as "wetboot".  And yes, we must be very careful here when posting.  This site is definitely PG, and the moderator can be a bit heavy handed with negative comments and "punishments".  I understand for the most part, this place is not intended to be a porn/hook up site.  

      That being said, I'm sure some tasteful leather outfits/accessories will be appreciated by most here, as will your amazing boots.  

      All the best.  Don

      PS  Don't know how I came up with the name "pebblesf", guess it was the flintstones...  I knew the name "wetboot" would not be appreciated/accepted here.  

  2. Hi dolls! My name is Shelbi and I'm new around here! I'm a typical cowgirl from the Big Sky Country that loves everything fashion! My typical interests include: Collecting shoes, boots and leather clothing. My hobbies are pretty much riding my Harley's in my boots and leather! I look forward to making some new friends here! Hugs!
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