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  1. 7 hours ago, Cali said:

    Did you remember breaking your ankle? I know ankles can be painful.

    Answer to that is no. One is over 20 years old, I can remember one spell when I was at school, another maybe 10 years ago. The others are classed as breaks, however are not breaks as my ligaments are so powerful they can pull bone from bone. I’ve got a pain threshold that’s high. Plus those now seen as toxic words “man up” with a bit of piss and vinegar courage get me there I suppose.

  2. I fell down a pot hole recently and did sone soft tissue damage to my right ankle. Went for an X-ray the next day, all was fine, nothing broken. However, was told that I have broken my ankle a few times before. I remember the first podiatrist I got my feet checked out with suggested it will be 3-5 years before I will start to possibly wear heels, even for a day a week for pain relief will be coming. He said he could not pin point how and why it was. Well, this is possibly it.

    The leaning heels are a thing I want to avoid, they don't look look right for me.

    Im almost healed, I’m going to start my training again as I’m a runner. Start off slow.

    I think I’m going to start looking for a few pairs of heels with a 3-3.5 inch heel on them. I’m more pain free on heels than in trainers or flat shoes. I think I’m going to have fun with them eventually. A stiletto or a few will be eventually bought.

  3. Every time I have been into the city centre in the past couple of years, I have seen at least one male in heels. Usually a pair of block heels, 3 to 3.5 inch heels tops. Cowboy boots are becoming more common.

    I do see many women, more are putting them back on. Times are tough, their heels are going up with their hemline in certain sectors of the economy. However, more women are wearing them for fashion outside too. I’m also seeing more young 16-24 year olds wearing those beautiful Timberland boots, and like wise too. Some are wearing kitten heels and a one or two with those Korean heel boots that the Kpop bands wear.

    Times are encouraging right now. Maybe Scotland is a microcosm.

    In more news from myself, my hip injury is healing, I might be doing a trip in heels in the next short while.

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  4. I totally get the idea of getting home before you get an X-ray. I had a friend break her wrist in NYC years back, her medical bill was $3984, $750 for the X-ray in that total, $22 for paracetamol. The crazy thing in itemised bill was the $84 to get the medical notes emailed to her doctor here, herself and for the two pieces of A4 with her medical notes on them.

    Hope Peterborough gets home and gets the treatment he needs.

  5. 9 minutes ago, mlroseplant said:

    As a member of the State of Iowa Bar, albeit non-practicing (everybody knows I'm actually an electrician), I must object to your reference, "That stupid Voir thingy." Because then you go on to say that there are exemptions/excusals. I don't know exactly how the legal system works in Scotland, but that's exactly what the usual process of "Voir Dire" is designed to address. You don't want a firefighter on the jury when your client is accused of arson. In some jurisdictions, even the judge can disqualify a potential juror for possessing some sort of bias. In any case (pun intended), it would definitely be heels for me, were I selected as a juror in the future.

    I see now. That’s how it was described to us by a Clark of the Court. Here we get the charge read out, we also read it too. Then we go for excusals, then it’s into duty selection. I’m sorry if my misunderstanding of the US Legal system in regards to Voir came across as ignorant in any way.

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  6. The selection process here in Scotland is very different. It appears now we are going back to the pre pandemic situation. The pandemic situation had the jury in a cinema watching from a video stream. Now we are going back to the 15 from 120 for a Sheriff Court and 15 from 90 for the High Court.

    We don’t have that stupid Voir thing. Once selected, you are in. There’s an excusal system, so teachers can be excluded from a case involving kids. Retail staff can be excluded from a shoplifting charge.

    Next year sees me off my exemption for the Sheriff Court, was last there as a potential juror in 2019, that was a 4 year exemption. My High Court exemption comes off in 2025 as that was a 20 year exemption after being a juror in 2005.

    If I’m selected next year, a week of going up to the court to be sent away an hour later, well, I’m going to wear heels. The sound of the click off the marble floors reverberating against the tall brutalist concrete walls will be a confidence booster.

    Many of the court female staff here wear heels, if only in the presence of the Justice/Judge. It’s normal for them to have flats on and be carrying their heels in their hand if they are no longer in that courtroom that day, otherwise they tend to leave them under the bench in the courtroom.

    Im quite an experienced juror, I’ve been selected twice, been a prospective and unselected juror at least 7 other times. Once it was 6 times in 5 years.

    I quite fancy a week going up to the court. I will be wearing my heels this time.

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  7. First post in a while…

    In the past two years since the Lockdowns were lifted, I have seen more males wearing heels. Probably about 7 or 8 males in total as I don’t really go near the main town (city) more than 2-3 times a year.

    Most of them are all block heels, in the 2-3 inch range. One was higher than that in block heels and one was in a nice 4 inch stiletto ankle boot.

    There’s probably a decent community of men who want to wear heels out there. The point that Bubba made about there being so many folk on here as guests holds true. There’s another High Heels site for men only, German based, it has roughly 200+ folk active per day and 1000+ in guests. There’s a community out there. Plus, there’s many a man who publicly shows themselves in heels on Insta these days.

    Also, the fact that it is reported that ASOS sell thousands of their men’s heels is proof I think.

    If it were a percentage on the male population, I’d guess maybe 5% of men would like to wear heels as part of their image and identity. Men want to wear heels, however are persuaded no to by social norms and the little angel on their shoulder saying no, don’t.

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  8. 11 hours ago, ohnoberty said:

    These are my recently acquired Steve Madden boots, don't know the model. Picked them up on the internet for a steal. Meant to post pics previlously but have been very busy.

    Still struggle with the 500Kb file size limit, always catches me out.




    6 hours ago, Shyheels said:

    It’s the kind of look that will go a long way to normalise the idea of men in heels 

    Took the words out of my mouth.

    A simple jeans and heels look, simple yet sophisticated look. Heels elevate any outfit, in class and in a literal way as well.

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  9. WFH will have advantages for the likes of call centre work, where its about quotas and targets that way. However for more collaborative workplaces like design manufacture and even the insurance folk I have spoken to, its all about getting back. Journalism is a profession that is now WFH advantageous. One of the folk i have spoken to had their garage converted to allow them and their husband to WFH. They have different jobs in different places, also different WFH standards, she has still to do the full work attire and her husband does sports wear. She has taken the option to go back to the office this year as she feels more professional that way. She will keep the option to WFH a couple days a week if need be.

    I am looking at the broader economy, I was in Glasgow on Tuesday and the sheer amount of shops and even office places vacant is harming the recovery. I mean, the lack of shops open, let alone busy is a very bad look. Yes some of the largest units need redeveloped, even bulldozed and re engineered for maybe more mixed use is going to hurt for the short to mid term. We need more small to mid sized cultural venues for gigs and comedy nights, even bloody night clubs for the teenagers, and not so teenagers. I suppose, maybe, i am looking at it from a pre pandemic prism, getting folk back to work helps get things populated again. Plus it gives more traffic on the rail system, and will allow the rail operators to pay better and avert all the rail strikes we are presently having.

    For folk who are sales based representatives, WFH is not gonna stop, they are on the road. WFH may not go back in the tube for some professions, however for some, it will need to go back in the office sooner than later for the sakes of the greater economy.

  10. I think folk here in the UK are getting the idea that WFH is damaging the economy. There is a third of companies that are going to come back full time to the office this year. It is also being shown that the lack of office work is also hurting the “high streets” with shop occupancy being at a third to two fifths down on pre pandemic 2019 levels.

    It has been suggested that getting folk back to the office will increase shop occupancy and bring employment to those shops, increasing the tax base as well. This could reduce inflation in the economy as well.

    I know of many folk who are going back to the office this year. Some of the women are also panicking as they will be expected to wear heels again. One has started wearing heels in her everyday wear right now as to get used to them and get some new ones worn in. She had reduced the amount she had to about 5 pairs during lockdown, now she is buying about 20 new pairs so to have variety in what she will wear. She is also getting a new wardrobe as well, more smart casual wears and less sportswear.

    Im predicting that WFH will be gone by the end of 2024 in the majority of cases.

  11. I think I struck for the fences first time, my podiatrist is a good one. I have heard crazy stories from folk who have a bad one. They sorted a problem with a toenail, and prevented the same with others. Now pain free in that area.

    However, my arches. That’s another thing, my bone and muscle structure and foot strength is another thing. My arch is normal on my left foot, it’s strength is okay. My right foot is high in arch but has a tendency to lurch forward a tad.

    They suggested 2-3.25 inch Cuban or heels for “everyday” use. However have been told if I wish to push it for other heels I can go to 4 inch, even 105mm heels. Ideally for 3 days a week for 8 hours each time. Suggested a chunky heel, but has okayed it if I want to go thinner, alas a thin heel will reduce my time in them.

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  12. Chat GPT mentioning a Podiatrist. And with Melrose mentioning that some of them are pro or anti heels. Mine is in the middle. They encourage a healthy mix of both flats and heels. Even in men, for an inch or two for one day a week. Says it’s to keep sciatic pain at bay, back pain manageable and a few ailments. Wants no higher than 4 inches single sole and 6 inches platform. They have pole dancers who have less back pain than some football (soccer) they have. Plus the pole dancers have better core conditioning.

    They want me to spend some time in heels every week. A day at least, going to no more than 3 or 4. All to do with my job and choice of exercise. They suggested that I also try to see if I can get into a pole fitness class if I can to get a core. They crack you open and get you fit from foot up.

  13. Skinny and super skinny jeans ain’t going nowhere. It’s a poor trend, happily my calf muscles are now slim enough I can fit into them. Alas, I feel restricted and constrained in them. I’m happy with slim or taper jeans and heels under them. Looks classier and more masculine.

    I can report back that recently, when out and about for the Christmas season, there have been a few men out and about in low 1-2 inch Chelsea Boots. The amount of women out and about in heels is increasing here. Maybe not the high 4 inch plus there’s a few of them, but 2.5-3.5 inch range is decently pleasing. All mostly block heels, not many stiletto heels. Lots of boots, not many sandals or pumps though.

    Cant wait to get out into the New Year sales in some heels. I hope 2023 is the year I get to wear my heels more often.

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  14. Well. That was interesting. The amount of women there in some sort of heel was amazing. There must have been 80 that I saw, plus triple that in those Doc Martens with the 3-4 inch sole. Timberland Kingsley boot was common, plus one’s slightly shorter. There was also a lass there with white 6 inch boots with a platform. There was Kitten heels and some 80mm stilettos in the seated areas of the Arena.

    As Melrose said, the body gets lazy quickly. I am fit, I can run for most of 10K and am 4 inches slimmer than when I saw those bands last in 2019. But gig/concert fit, I am not. Parts of the body are sore and have cramps that I forgot I had. Not used to standing for 4-5 hours at a time with no seat. Plus the fitness element has me a half inch shorter than I was too, spinal compression of the vertebrae, which is normal with runners.

    I think I’m gonna look at some comfortable heels in the 2-3 inch marker now. Or at least in the morning.

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  15. Thanks for all the help! I’m going in boots, sadly no heels. It’s due to be about 0C tomorrow for the queue. Think I’m gonna go away and find/try on boots like the Timberland ones with the 2.5 inch heel. A warm boot with a moderate but comfortable heel.

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  16. 1 hour ago, Cali said:

    Just don't jump up and down; AND you will get a better view of the show in heels. 🤣

    Other thing it might be hard to see the floor when you leave the venue, so be careful where you step.

    I know that. Once almost went my length when seeing Stone Sour in 2017. Had my hunka chunka Timberland boots on then.

    The view will be greatly improved as I always have to cope with Mr 6foot4 brick outhouse about 10 foot in front of me.

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