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  1. Answer to that is no. One is over 20 years old, I can remember one spell when I was at school, another maybe 10 years ago. The others are classed as breaks, however are not breaks as my ligaments are so powerful they can pull bone from bone. I’ve got a pain threshold that’s high. Plus those now seen as toxic words “man up” with a bit of piss and vinegar courage get me there I suppose.
  2. I fell down a pot hole recently and did sone soft tissue damage to my right ankle. Went for an X-ray the next day, all was fine, nothing broken. However, was told that I have broken my ankle a few times before. I remember the first podiatrist I got my feet checked out with suggested it will be 3-5 years before I will start to possibly wear heels, even for a day a week for pain relief will be coming. He said he could not pin point how and why it was. Well, this is possibly it. The leaning heels are a thing I want to avoid, they don't look look right for me. Im almost healed, I’m going to start my training again as I’m a runner. Start off slow. I think I’m going to start looking for a few pairs of heels with a 3-3.5 inch heel on them. I’m more pain free on heels than in trainers or flat shoes. I think I’m going to have fun with them eventually. A stiletto or a few will be eventually bought.
  3. Every time I have been into the city centre in the past couple of years, I have seen at least one male in heels. Usually a pair of block heels, 3 to 3.5 inch heels tops. Cowboy boots are becoming more common. I do see many women, more are putting them back on. Times are tough, their heels are going up with their hemline in certain sectors of the economy. However, more women are wearing them for fashion outside too. I’m also seeing more young 16-24 year olds wearing those beautiful Timberland boots, and like wise too. Some are wearing kitten heels and a one or two with those Korean heel boots that the Kpop bands wear. Times are encouraging right now. Maybe Scotland is a microcosm. In more news from myself, my hip injury is healing, I might be doing a trip in heels in the next short while.
  4. I totally get the idea of getting home before you get an X-ray. I had a friend break her wrist in NYC years back, her medical bill was $3984, $750 for the X-ray in that total, $22 for paracetamol. The crazy thing in itemised bill was the $84 to get the medical notes emailed to her doctor here, herself and for the two pieces of A4 with her medical notes on them. Hope Peterborough gets home and gets the treatment he needs.
  5. Well, it may be happening, heels for men in the “mainstream” or mainstream adjacent. Stiletto Heels Boots!!! https://www.asos.com/prd/202004069?acquisitionsource=pasteboard What are we thinking???
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