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  1. Highheeldude

    Share your pics of couples in heels!

  2. Hi! Maybe this has already been done but I thought it would be nice to share pics of couples wearing heels together. I'll go first!
  3. Highheeldude

    Identify these

    Can anyone tell me the maker of these. They seem to be a high quality and not the cheap Chinese stuff you see everywhere. I'd guess the heel to be 14cm or so unless this is a very small size. Thx in advance!
  4. Highheeldude

    Hello, my girl friend is 100% supportive

    Thank you Ron
  5. Thank you. I feel more comfortable in 4" heels than I do in flat shoes. I guess that's due to my arches.
  6. Here is my entry...
  7. Highheeldude

    Hello, my girl friend is 100% supportive

    Yes but I only have black because the red likes hers was sold out in my size....hers is from a shop called Kazar. The model is the Natalie.
  8. Highheeldude

    Hello, my girl friend is 100% supportive

    There is no way you could wear them in public. I have no aspirations to either. So it's not an issue for me. I see heels in the same light as lingerie. I wouldn't want my girlfriend out in public in lingerie either. Its just not my thing.
  9. Highheeldude

    Hello, my girl friend is 100% supportive

    One more...
  10. Highheeldude

    Hello, my girl friend is 100% supportive

    Thx for all the positive comments! Here's a photo of the two of us together!
  11. Hi, I'm Brian. Thanks for letting me join the website. I'm originally from the US but Ive been over seas for 10 years. I'm 50 years old, divorced but have a wonderful girlfriend. I can say that I've been a heel admirer for as long as I can remember but recently and quite accidentally I experienced the pleasure or wearing heels. My ex-wife had moved out along with all of her things only leaving behind 2 pairs of heels belonging to my sister in-law. One pair of black patent, open toe platforms and one pair of beige platform pumps. I wasn't unaware the shoes were in my home and my girlfriend stumbled upon them moving some furniture around. Im pretty sure that she assumed they belonged to another girlfriend. After some explaining everything was fine. I contacted the ex and told her the shoes were here but we split on bad terms and she nor her sister were interested in getting the shoes back. It must have been a couple of weeks after my girlfriend found them that curiosity go to me. First I put on the beige platform heels which felt a bit tight so I immediately took them off. Next I tried the black open toed heels and it was like they were made for me. I could not believe how well they fit nor how they made me feel. I carefully stood up and quickly realized that they were extremely comfortable. I took a few cautious steps and in minutes I was walking around like I'd been wearing heels for all of my life. But all things aren't what they seem. When I'm wearing heels I feel like sex God, but a look in the mirror brings back the reality that I'm anything but. Not being one to keep secrets in a relationship I told my GF that I tried the heels and to the best of my ability tried to explain how wearing them made me feel. I sent her a few pictures from thigh down and after a few days of chatting she seemed fine. Needless to say the next time she came over she wanted to see me wearing them. Still be quite shy and a little embarrassed about wearing them and how turned on I get, I waited for her to ask about the heels. It wasn't long before she asked and I was walking out of the bedroom wearing the black patent 6inch heels. At first she seemed shocked, I could see it on her face. Next came the amazement of how well I could walk and even a few comments about having sexy legs. But inside I still felt like the man i see in the mirror with a little muted excitement. A month or more has passed since the first time I wore heels in front of her. What seemed like concern from her initially has turned into excitement. Heels have become somewhat of a focus for us. We shop together, she sends me pictures of styles that she thinks would look nice on me which is incredibly exciting. We have few matching pairs that we wear at home together. It's been a crazy month. As much as I enjoy wearing the heels it can't even compare it to the excitement i feel about her involvement and excitement about me wearing them. Her wanting me to wear them is infinitely more exciting. Feel free to ask me any questions. Thx Brian

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