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  1. I know everyone's taste is different. And I guess that I've looked at 10's of thousands of shoe pictures looking for what I'd consider to be the best pump for me. Today I saw this picture on pinterest and I believe the shoes to be perfectly proportioned. Pointy but not too pointy, high, but not too high. The problem is that i dont know where i can buy it. I would be eternally grateful if someone here could tell me where it can be purchased.
  2. I found these Steve Madden Dejavu platforms on sale for 50 dollars. I couldn't say no! So know we have another matching pair!
  3. These are all relatively new but I thought some might be interested in seeing our matching styles and colors. .
  4. Guess "Carrie" matte black. US 10. I must say that I'm really enjoying the stockings!
  5. They seem to be wide. It's a US size 10
  6. Steve Madden Daisie. I have these in white and beige. Can't say enough about comfort!
  7. New Guess Carrie's arrived. I'm never disappointed with these. It's a shame they're no longer made.
  8. So shouldn't your post be under odds lenses and funny shapes? And not under who's bought new shoes?
  9. They run very big! You can go at least 1 size down. I wear a 10 and these are 8.5 and fit perfect
  10. I'm looking for new Guess "Carrie" pumps in colors other than black, red, royal blue and beige that we already have. I saw a navy blue on ebay. I know they were offered in a multitude of colors. Are there any other sellers you're aware of that ship internationally?
  11. The answer to your question could be as simple as style. However, I think it's more than that. When you look at these two shoes of equal size, fit and heel height, the beige shoe appears to have a much higher heel if you view it individually. So my arguement would be that it's done to give the appearance of a higher heel.
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