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  1. There are very few places I don't wear heels. Even at home. Wearing heels is now who I am. I do it for pain relief. But shoes design for women fit my feet better than men's shoes. So I was wear 1-2 inch heels before I discovered the benefits of 4" high heels.

    Now I have around 60 + pairs. and every one has been worn to work (except a new pair of sandals). Block heels to stilettos to wedges, at around 4+ inch difference from platform to heel. I use to hide them, but now I display them,  why not, they're nice looking shoes, better than most of what I see out there. I blend clothing from all sides of the store but present male.

    It took me a while to understand what really fits my foot and was comfortable for all day. I'm out of space since I got 4 new heels in the fall/winter sales, so I want to sell about 5-6 pairs of heels/boots that I don't wear enough. I also have about 6-8 pairs of sandals getting raggedy that I doubt will make it thru the spring into summer, so I need to replace them

  2. "Why do we try to hide our heels from public view?"

    In the summer you will find me in shorts most of the time.  There is no way to hide your heels when you are wearing shorts. So I need to wear quality heels all the time and "wear my heels loud and proud." Even now when my pants are covering the top of my heels, women still asked to see the whole heel and compare them to what they are wearing.


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