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  1. This site has sizes up to a 45. Some nice stuff http://www.elite-heels.com/shop/
  2. I'm well aware that designer heels would be impossible to find Chorlini. I am no newbie to heel fetishism. I am however new to buying heels for myself. I have found all kinds of styles I like on eBay, Amazon, aliexpress and milanoo in sizes up to 15. All are designer styles but of course knock offs and inferior quality I'm sure. I was simply asking for those experienced in wearing heels, if they had any secret spots they have found to shop online for knock off, or even handmade heels. I will not wear pleasers. I hate everything about their heels even the bordello styles. While their quality is ok, I hate their styling, even their more non fetish styles. I will as I suspected have to go with Chinese knockoffs since no one seems to know of any American sellers. That being the case, have you guys had any experience with these Chinese sellers? How was the quality and how brutal are shipping times? Also if you've experienced any a+ sellers I'd love to know! I appreciate everyone's help!!
  3. Hey guys. I have been a heel guy forever but stuck to only buying them for the gf. I now am finally venturing into buying and wearing them for myself. Where are good places to look for heels in my size (U.S. 14)? I've only seen heels that big by Onlymaker, aliexpress and milanoo. All I guess are Chinese makers. All I've really seen stateside are pleasers and I'm not into stripper heels. I like more designer type brands and styles like louboutin, yurose shelzhenko, gianmarco lorenzi, and heels along those lines. Replicas are fine but Chinese orders look like they take forever. Any thoughts on where to buy stylish heels? Thank!
  4. I'm not sure on sizing but I love their designs!!
  5. Hey everyone. I'm new to this site and thought I would introduce myself and say hi. I'm a male in my mid thirties and have always been fascinated with heels since I can remember. I love the look and power they convey. I love shopping for them and gifting pairs in relationships. I was a bit embarrassed about this fetish till my late 20's. I then found some groups online and saw it wasn't so uncommon. I then decided I would only be in relationships with women that shared my passion and understood. I then started putting it out there up front and to my surprise every woman I have told has loved it. They love getting shoes as gifts, and wearing them out and in the bedroom. It has built special bonds and especially in my current relationship. I have bought her over 50 pairs in the last three years and our collection is growing all the time. anyways, I just thought I'd say hey to all you heel lovers out there and hope to make some new friends.
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