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  1. Anyone here have an issue with walking without heels?  Over the years I have become more and more dependent on heels and currently my heels are close to 2" off the ground. I have tried going back to wearing lower heels to re-stretch my tendons but to no avail.  Find that as I age I need to do more exercise and without being able to wear runners I am limited to some yoga at home and swimming.  I have recently found a trampoline park that allows me in barefeet but that is 30 minutes away.  Have tried over the past several months but does not seem any better. Any ideas?

  2. On 2013-05-03 at 4:19 AM, Louise28 said:

    Hi all, I was chatting to my friend Sarah yesterday who had worn some new high heels for work and found that during a busy day that her feet were killing her. She said that she'd been rushing around all day and that she was in real pain, then quite unexpectedly she added something like "oh i've just taken some Ibuprofen, hopefull that will help" I was a bit surprised, never having thought of taking painkillers to lessen foot pain like that. Is that something people on here have tried? Louise


    On 2015-06-15 at 1:56 PM, Dancer Girl said:

    Yes Aspirin is my friend. Not really for my feet but often for cramps i get in my soles and my calves. Sometimes so painful that I almost wince in pain.  A couple of aspirin or tylenol does help


  3. Spent the weekend in NY shopping. Brought a pair and on Saturday walked for about 8 hours and over 20000 steps in them.  Two Tylenols and couple glasses of wine by evening. My toes felt like they had been beat but by Sunday morning seemed ok

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  4. I am 5.7' without heels (long since I could see that).  With my normal shoes I am either 5>11 or 6'  My husband is 511" and quite often I am taller than him. First he was no happy with that but I know when I am in my 6 inch heels he finds it hot. 

  5. Well after almost 20 years of constant heels I can say I am permantly heeled. Cannot remember the last time my heels touched the ground and cannot even get into any normal pair of runners if i tried.  Still love them but wonder what kind of old lady I will be wobbling around in my heels with my walker

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  6. Heels on any surface can be dangerous. I have 22 floors and when the elevator is down I have made the treck up in 4 inch heels but down I usually go without them. I live in Toronto so snow and ice are part of my world Dec-April and I walk about two blocks to my office in my 4-5 inch heels all winter. Worst is grass, sand or gravel.  Once did a wedding where I was in 5 inch heels and the patio was like gravel and total nightmare. But above all walking down an icy sidewalk in a 20degree slope in 5 inch heels can scare the daylights out of me. 

  7. Well would like to hear from some of the gals. Most of you males have much larger feet and therefore can wear a much higher heel. I have some 6" ballet shoes that almost have me on pointe. I would imagine at a size 7 I could not even find any higher than a 6/5"

  8. I have an office job but do a fair bit of walking around.  My regular heels are a 4 or 5" heel every day of the week.  I find taking the shoes off is harder on my feet as they get hot they swell and much tighter to get them back off and on.  I stretch my ankles a lot and make sure i dont cramp up from sitting too long

  9. So many sites about heels talk about getting them a size larger. That seems so strange to me. I have always been a size 7 and as my heel choice got higher I have moved to a 6.5 wherever possible. When my feet are in a 4 or 5 inch heel the toes are jammed against the front of the shoe. As I have very narrow feet if I have a size 7 my heels are constantly out of the shoe when I walk. The smaller size keeps my heels in and my shoes on my feet as I walk. Since anyones toes cannot truly be straight and not bent out of shape in 5 inch heels I wonder why the larger size recommended?

  10. Well years later I do wear heels at the gym at work where there are no shoe police and as long as the are not spike heels nobody complains. I wear thicker heeled pumps or wedgies and the pumps work better. Do 30 minutes on them two times a week. This summer started to bike again with heels (plastic pedals do not damage the area of the shoe between the toe and heel)

  11. Bought a pair of Zanotti heelless shoes and they are awesome. Certainly get heads turning. Not hard to walk in at all for anyone who wears heels all the time. Only time I had any problem was going up some stairs when I thought there was more shoe than there actually was and almost tumbled (grabbed the rail and all was ok). Mine are like 4.5' and are great for driving as I often have to take off my heels to drive as the heel gets caught in the floormat when going from the gas to the brake. These obviously do not have that issue.

  12. My husband is very Conservative and reallyhas had a hard time with my high heel fetish (yes it is a fetish). First it was just ballet boots at home while he was out playing hockey ( I hid them from him for over a year). Then once in awhile at home with the blinds closed so nobody would ever see me. Then we started using them out of town where nobody knows us. First it was a day with a lock, then overnight and next day. Then several days over a long weekend. Sometimes we will drive out of town for a getaway and he will leave the keys at home so I have no option for 2-3 days, The first several times it was some shopping, some dinner and some light sightseeing. For baths we started bringing strong clear plastic bags and electrical tape which allowed me to bath with my legs over the tub and wash 90% of my body. Once in NY we spend the entire day walking around and by dinner I though my toes where falling off as the started to throb and then late night I got massive cramps in the soles of my feet which I get once in awhile. However with these locked on I could not stretch my feet to get rid of them. Likely the most pain I have ever experienced (I have not had children) and lots of tylenol. This is something we do several times a year and I now pad the toe area more and make sure I have plenty of tylenol. For anyone who has worn ballet boots the fact is the things that most of us do all day without thinking (stairs, hills, grass/dirt) are now real challenges. In Ottawa our hotel was on a hill and I had to walk a block up or down all weekend. Others would take a 2 minute walk and for me it was like a 10 minute walk. For those who do this with corsets congrats. I am now way too large for an attractive corset look (my corset was fitted for 22" a long tiem ago).

  13. Where do you find it most painful. For years I used to cramp up in my arch area and that seems to be better buy my toes are always sore (from being crammed into the toe box of my heels). I have narrow heels and I find wearing a half size smaller keeps my feet in the shoes as the toes are usually pushed to the front of the shoe. Where do you find it hurt and what do you do for it?

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