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  1. 6 hours ago, Cali said:

    I was at Aldos today and they had a size 10, but I couldn't get my foot in...They said to stop by soon as they are expecting their new boots in during the next two weeks, so they have them for black Friday shopping.

    Guess I didnt think about that.. I'll have to swing in again before black friday

  2. This is an older article that I dont know if it has been posted here before or not, but it's the first article I've found that says straight men where heels and that you dont have to be gay (or whatever other nonsense people call themselves these day)

    So even though it's an old article its nice to see someone writing about straight men in heels!


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  3. When wearing skirts and womens skinny jeans or leggings where do you put your things. I'm use to having a coat in the colder months so I just use those pockets. 

    But it's not cold enough for a coat right now and I'm debating if I really want to carry a purse, wristlet or some other type of handbag.

    What do you guys do if you dont have pockets? 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Jkrenzer said:

    Balletboot, that pencil skirt looks restrictive. Were you able to take full steps?

    Love the heels.


    I can, it gets tight just before my full step but is stretchy enough I can still take my full step. It was kinda fun that way :fine:

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  5. 11 minutes ago, jeremy1986 said:

    Thanks @balletboot

    You are totally right - it could be much worse. Which kind of brings me back to what I said: what do I need this for? Maybe I should indeed just "get over it" (somehow) and we can all get on with things... and move on to the next crisis ;-) 

    I think your not bringing it up for now is the right choice, and probably what I would do as well. But at some point (after creating  the right setting, atmosphere etc) you will probably want to bring it up, not to reach a resolution or agreement, but even just to clear the air. 


    Yes next time I bring it up will definitely be to try and clear the air. From there I'll have to wait and see how the conversation goes.

  6. @jeremy1986 It sounds like we are both in very similar situations. Along with many others but both of ours are happening more or less right now. 

    My gf and I havnt talked about it since the night of when it all happened. I can tell she is still stressed out and not ready to talk yet, so I havnt tried bringing it up. But in due time.

    I'm sorry to hear that your talk didn't quite go the way you had hoped but it could still be worse.

  7. 12 minutes ago, p1ng74 said:

    I think it will take time and actions to convince women that we are not putting our masculinity on the shelf when we wear heels.  This is why I am taking every opportunity to go out looking comfortable doing normal things while wearing heels.  Forgot something back in the car?  Yes I am sprinting, even while wearing 3” heels. Lifting my luggage at the airport?  Changing a flat tire?  I do it in 4+” heels.  Nothing changes.  I will still hold doors and elevators open for women, and bend over to pick things off the ground that get dropped.  

    I think you are right. Time is most likely the biggest factor. Also If I didn't work in a position where steel toe boots are a must and instead was in an office. I would definitely try to incorporate heels into my daily wear at work.

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  8. 1 hour ago, HappyinHeels said:


    Ah yes, the familiar "how dare you wear what you want and shatter my protected view of the world" syndrome. Men can't flip out when they see women dressed in jeans and polo shirts one day and then a dress and heels the next but many women simply can't understand a man trying the same variety. What's going on here is traditional roles being challenged. She sees you about to go out in heels with her and she feels threatened. Your heels threaten her traditional view of you and how you, as a biological man, are supposed to be seen as her protector. Her heels are simply part of her traditional role. She's defining the world by who is wearing the heels rather than person's character. I disagree with Rick24 in that it seems premature to simply state you two are incompatible with each other but I do think you have to directly challenge her apparent insecurity. She sees your heels and is thinking, "Is he turning gay or what's next a sex change operation?" She needs that reassurance that neither of these is about to happen. That can be done by rewinding the tape of the last two years and reviewing what you already know. That you two were attracted to each other for reasons having nothing to do with heels and that heels in of themselves do not define either of you. That she has known of your heels for some time and has not objected. She owes you an explanation for her reaction and you owe her some reassurance of who you really are and why she fell in love with you. Two years is not that long, a blink of an eye compared with how long many of us have known or been married, so you are essentially still in the "road testing" phase though near the end of it I would think. I think all women want to look good next to their man in social settings and what you wear is a reflection of that. I think you two could go out together in heels but perhaps somewhere else not in your local area to start with. A frank discussion is definitely needed.

    You could point out that heels were originally designed for men 500 years ago and that it wasn't until the late 1800's that women exclusively started wearing them. You could point out that men still design much of what women now wear from their heels to their dresses and tops. You could show her this website but don't do it until after you have started to really talk about things. Whatever path you choose know that you have received some caring and thoughtful advice here from many men who wear heels and only want the best for you.  We live in cities and suburbs and small towns and rural areas all over the world and have wives and kids and work in a multitude of professions. Heels are one facet of our personality. Keep the dialogue going and keep us informed. You came to the right place :welcome:   HappyinHeels

    This is one of the most relevant post yet. It is basically exactly what has been said between us during that night and next day. 

    One of the things shes said was I'm "supposed to to protect her not be prancing around in heels." Of course in the heat of the moment I couldn't chime in much as she was to emotional to hear a single word I said. Of course as you all know we dont just prance around in heels, we just walk like every other human.


    And yes I did come to the right place. I havnt been given anything other than kind words and support since I joined this site!

    1 hour ago, pebblesf said:

    So, back off a bit for now, but try to keep the conversation alive.  Maybe she will reveal her fears/objections, so you will have the chance to reassure her that you are not going to run off the a drag club or change your sexual identity and desire for her.  This is a tough situation for sure, try to look at things from her perspective so you relate to how she feels insecure in the relationship.  

    By the way buddy, the combination of those boots and pants is amazingly masculine and powerful....Don

    I have definitely stepped back a few steps. But I'm not going to just let this stop me. I'm going to keep slowly trying to talk to her about it all. Maybe suggest going out of town the first time we go out in heels.

    I agree I love the look! I've never recieved a negative comment when going out. I need her to see that to help her come around.

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  9. 1 hour ago, dagino said:

    If you want to wear higher heels you have to give more love to your wife.

    She gets absolutely everything I have to give and it's been that way since day one. I just think I pushed it to far to fast. At least that's what I'm hoping right now.

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