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  1. I love the smell of cedar. What is Northern Wisconsin like? How far up is your cabin?
  2. Freestyle I love your outfit, your leather leggings look real nice.
  3. w6ish I love hearing about your high heel outings. I wish I lived near a large town. I love your cupid boots.
  4. I have just got my first pair of high heels, they are 6" pleaser platform ankle boots. Love them.
  5. I love your crotch high boots, how tall is the platform?
  6. What a good way to go out in heels. Can you post a few pictures of your heels you are considering. You are going to have so much fun.
  7. Love the latex and heels. I love latex also and have a hard time keeping from going out in public. I am from a small town and will have to keep my latex to my self and my wife. I will try to get some heels after my kids move out of the house. For now I will just dream about how much fun they must be to walk in.
  8. I dont know, but I did think my moms high heeled boots looked so sexy, black leather with a 4" heel. I would love to have a pair like that.
  9. I would love to wear tall high heels with my pants tucked in, but wife would flip out if she new that I wanted to wear high heels. I do have a latex catsuit comming and I think it would look hot if I had some heels to wear with it.
  10. Hi I am in to leather pants, I just love the look and feel. I have thought about high heels for a long time and might get a pair for a latex catsuit I want.
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