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  1. Lime15

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Just got these today, BCBGeneration platform pumps. Totally my usual style, look to have been worn maybe five times tops and cleaned up great. Nice fit all around and I'm sure they'll form up to my foot shape soon.
  2. Lime15

    Who has bought some new shoes

    You are correct, they will soften up as you wear them. Those are a sub-style of the "System" platforms that Torrid sold for many years (and brought back a couple years ago around Halloween, only to discontinue them permanently). They were hands down the best shoes that they ever sold - decent mid-range quality, around $40 at full price (and half when on sale), and in a ton of different colors and finishes. Classic pinup shape and style. They were in solid colors and different finishes - black patent, red patent, nude patent, pink patent (limited), cobalt faux suede, black faux suede, etc. Most had a hidden platform and a vertical stitch at the front (giving them a bit of a pointed nose). The sub-style (one of which you have there) featured a visible platform and were featured in edgier prints and finishes, such as the blue snakeskin you have, and matte black faux leather with gold pyramid studs on either side at the back. In my experience I always wear a 12w in that style (although I'm generally a 13). The visible platform versions take a little longer to break-in as they have less material to flex than the hidden platform ones. The platforms will also soften up and begin to flex / match your natural walking motion. I've worn out dozens of pairs of shoes in that style / line. I actually currently don't have any in my rotation and it's irritating me - the supply is finally drying up completely. Please, if anyone ever seems to make contact with a Torrid representative up the line or are surveyed, ask them to bring the System Platform Pumps back. Blows my mind the fugly old lady "ghetto fabulous" (a term an employee called them at a store) shoe styles they sell these days. All the people who don't even wear heels bitched that Torrid's heels were too high, so they replaced nearly everything with low wide heels that their true shoe customers aren't interested in and sit unsold in their stores and online. Payless is heading the same way it seems.
  3. Lime15

    Guess Carrie Pumps

    I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like this shoe. While I love classic shaped pumps, there's just something about these that doesn't look right to me. I know everyone else loves them however!
  4. Lime15

    Show us your girliest Heels

    If you don't mind, what brand are these black pumps with the gold heart over the toebox? My wife would go crazy for a pair of these.
  5. Lime15

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Ah, thank you! My wife has a pair of yellow with black polka dot pumps by them and I was surprised at how well they were made myself.
  6. Lime15

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Totally not what I'm looking for, but thanks anyway.
  7. Lime15

    Who has bought some new shoes

    As I said before Jkrenzer, " Your choice in pumps always have the most classic toe shapes and incredible colors." Those look to possibly all (or mostly) be the same brand / style. Care to share who the manufacturer is? I'm always on the lookout for bold 80's style classic pumps like that for my wife. Myself as well, but rarely do they run up to that size.
  8. Lime15

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Damn amazing all around! Styles I wish came in my size (13M). Your choice in pumps always have the most classic toe shapes and incredible colors. Two new pairs for me. The first are Abound leopard print stiletto booties. Although these are my regular size 13, I'm always cautious when it comes to booties as I generally don't like how they look on the foot with regular jeans. They usually look fine with dress pants but I have no desire to wear skinny jeans or anything like that. These however I really do like and I got a good deal on them. Super comfortable too. I wore them every day last week and they just keep getting better and better. Surprised at the quality too. The others are Enzo Angliolini brown leather peeptoe stilettos with a croc upper design. I was a little apprehensive about these as they are a 12M and I've had terrible luck in the past year concerning a 12 working out. However they were pre-owned and looked to be reasonably broken in, obviously worn but in good shape, and really cheap so I went for it. Amazingly they fit really well and feel great. They did need some cleaning and repair, new heel tips (most difficult to remove tip shaft I have ever encountered on one shoe) and some stitching repair on the back of one shoe.
  9. Lime15

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Ah, good to know they're still in business. Man, they screwed up their website with its redesign earlier this year. I know the previous one was ancient but at least it worked, allowed you to search ALL shoes by size, and they had the awesome "Last Pairs" section with huge discounts.
  10. Lime15

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Very nice, Jkrenzer. That's a style I'm always looking for in my size.
  11. Lime15

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Thanks RonC! If only the larger size brands and retailers felt the same. I miss the days of places like Torrid stocking classically cut, office pinup type heels. While I like the more exotic stuff fine, I want to see classic pumps with a 3" - 4 1/2" heel up through 13+.
  12. Lime15

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Not my thing so much these days, as I generally tend to heel when I'm working at home, which is the bulk of my business time over the past year or so. Actually wearing heels has become such an ingrained part of getting into "work mode" that making that change last year has done a lot to keep me focused and help properly split up my time. Doesn't mean I don't sign for packages or the like wearing my heels, again, they're standard work-wear for me. When I'm out and about it's usually sneakers (which are generally louder than my heels anyway) as I walk 10 - 15+ city miles most days on average. My preferences have definitely changed in the past year and I've massively reduced my heel assortment, but I wear heels now more than ever before. They're also higher than they look, one of the illusions of wearing size 13. Haha.
  13. Lime15

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Thanks. I didn't know either. Occasionally I see them go up to 12 on a few discount sites but they're almost always their lower / more frumpy styles. I've actually seen a couple pairs of this exact style in this size on eBay over the years so I wonder if this style was a larger size experimental run or something. Fearing they were mismarked or wouldn't fit, I wouldn't make the purchase - but these came up really cheap so I took the chance, and yeah, true to size.
  14. Lime15

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Been awhile (again). I bought these a few weeks ago online as what appeared to be an old store return. Chinese Laundry half d'Orsay stilettos with a an interesting yet classic leopard print back and a contrasting matte toebox. These are my usual 13M and fit great and feel really good now that I've broken them in after a couple wears.
  15. Lime15

    Who has bought some new shoes

    I'd be all over those if they came in my size (which they never will). Very nice!

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