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  1. Then your compliment means even more! I use self-timer a lot, so perhaps it's easier when you are both in front and behind the camera.
  2. Thanks. I probably won't surprise you when I say it takes about 50 shots to get 2 - 3 that I'm satisfied with.
  3. Thanks for the positive feedback! This is an interesting statement. I can only speak for myself, so these are my personal thoughts on the subject. I would love for high heels, tall boots and other garments to be considered "genderless". I would love it if people who see me walking down the street in 5" stilettos would think in terms of "bold", "nice", "different but interesting" etc. I want to make it less unusual. This forum is a great resource for discussions and questions, but blogging in here won't make a difference in the real world. And also, having an Instagram account with a profile description that says "I'm a man who loves to wear high heels" and showing only photos of what you have on your feet kinda sends the message "I know I'm not supposed to wear shoes like this but I can't resists so I hide...". As I said - just my personal thoughts.
  4. Hi, I just got around to setting up my own blog with my personal thoughts around boots and heels topics. Tall Black Boots Do any of you other guys have a blog?
  5. No messages on my system. It’s https, so it should be secure...
  6. It's a difficult question... I can feel aroused while browsing neww boot in online shopes or in a physical shop, but I do feel it for my own satisfaction. It's who I am. And wearing boots makes me feel well.
  7. Not for advertising at all, (Just to emphesize - NOT my site!) - but has anyone seen this? Seems like a "social network" for high heel people. Not like this forum...
  8. It's funny. I was going to write that classic pumps can be found "everywhere". And from reading about the project it would seem they want to go for something that is found in smaller sizes, but not so easy to find in large sizes. I don't know if they'll manage that, and I can only speak for my self, but every time I wisit shops like "Zappos" or "Zalando" I see all these gorgeous styles anly available in sizes up to EU41 (US11W). It's frustrating. So far, what you think is GOD AWEFUL, I see as drop dead gorgeous. But we can't all be a like... Anyway... I droped by their shop again, and it seems they are filling up more styles. So my statement about classic pumps no longer seem to apply!
  9. I wrote and asked the same question. The project states they will go through with it even if they don't meet the target, but I felt they have a long way to go. Here's what they answered: "[...] We know that €32 000 might be too much to ask for and we've set our own limit at €5000. Anything below that we will contact everyone who has funded us and offer to pay back to those who want it. Over €5000 means we will open, but have a lot fewer models to offer. If so, it will take some time before we can have all the models we want. This is something we want to do, so if our funders are with us, then the store will grow bigger in time. Hopefully IndieGoGo will get us going.[...].
  10. Yes, perhaps they are. And I have no idea on how the quality is. What triggered me was the styles. To me they look a bit more "in-style" oriented then most shops I've encountered. That alone makes me tick. Anyway... I funded the project with 75€ and got a Voucher valid 150€. Maybe that's one of the reasons they're expensive. Now I can only hope more people fund them so I get my money's worth.
  11. Hi, I came across this on IndieGoGo. Looks interesting enough and they seem to go for some nice styles... https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/beautiful-womens-shoes-in-large-sizes I hope they make it happen.
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