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  1. Sharon I wish you all the best and good reconvalescence! I still hope, nevertheless, that you will not loose your passion for high heels.

  2. Hi just to say,thanks for asking how i am, been streeching alot andd i now can feeel and seee that im regaining more movement in my achilles its slow but i will keep up with it bye Sharon

  3. Like you said Roniheels its the shoe fit that causes the most problems with foot shape change, i have had chiropodist say this to me many times.
  4. Hi guys just saw this post and thought i would say what that video shows is faily true ,as a person who has worn high heels and fashion shoes most my adult life my feet changed shape ,included is a picture i took just to show , altho i do know other woman who have worn heels and never had a foot problem . Sharon.
  5. Hi "normal shoes" they sound boaring lol, when i was a young from age 5 to 15 i did ballet and yet not that good i did manage to get on pointe, i remember my teacher saying when i was a teanager to wear high heels to help build up my ankle strenth, i wonder if ballet teaching / training these days if they recomend wearing high heels to there pupils ?, chat soon .
  6. After Google searching i think alot of woman have simler problems caused from wearing a high heel shoes for prolonged times, i have also looked at pointe ballet dancer exercises and for sure just doing some that they show dose feel if i was to do them alot it could reduce the tightness in my legs and ankles, i do love wearing my high heels and looking at pictures of feet that have been in high heels for many years and sadly i have realised it is too late now becase i have all the same problems with my feet, but high heels do make me feel special lol.
  7. Sharon, get well soon! Hope you'll not need an OR!

  8. It seams faily normall that other woman judge you by your shoes,i find when im out doing general shoping and dress faily normall "in jeans and stilettos courts" they look at me up and down and you can see them thinking "why is she wearing 5.5" heels doing her shoping" lol they will get over it .
  9. Hello i do have veery tight Achilles tendons i find streching my tendons out very painfull but i have varios other feet problems and the dr has told me i must try and stop wearing high heel shoes as much, i have started useing a strechy band that ballet dance people use to strech and pull my tendons when sat down but the results are slow ,ho well i guess i have long lasting damage ,chat soon Sharon

  10. Hi Jay Jay You are right about stilettos but it also depends on the shoe structure, most well made stiletto courts do but i think the general shape of the innersole of stilettos do suit a high arched foot, well for me they do and a shoe that is not shaped like my sole and arch hurts my feet alot even if my sole dose rest in the shoe, I have had a cast taken of my feet and had a arch suport made to fit in flatish shoes but they take some getting used to wearing and im not sure if they feel any good but they do make wearing low heels shoes bareable. Thanks for your input on this
  11. Still problems with achilles tendons?

  12. For sure wearing heels alot causes Achilles tendon problems and for me i get pain when wearing lower heels right in the lower back of the heels, this pain eases off when i take the pressure away by resting bare foot or wearing a high heel. I also get pain in the bottom of both my heels when i get up in the mornings and i feel i need to tip toe to relive this, im unsure what this is maybe Xray2 you know what this is you sound like you are a expert in this feild , intresting reading .
  13. I own louboutins,jimmys,prada, all in a pump stiletto style,compared to regular make shoes they feel better for me becase nice soft leather molds to my foot shape,but saying that i have some louboutin pigalles that kill my feet in 1 hr,so i guess depends on the shoes.
  14. I think in with high heels esp a court / pump style that needs to fit snug to stay on go for 1 size smaller than your normall flat shoe size. As mentioned if you have archy feet be carful if you buy very high heels you may even need 2 sizes down becase your heel will come away from the heel cup if not snug on your toes, just as a idea i have worrn heels for almost 20 years and my feet has got very high arched and i have lost 3 sizes, so all i can say its trial & error as they say good luck .
  15. Hi Esther for many years i have suffered with feet problems due to wearing high heels more or less all the time, the physicale afspect of being stuck in heels are somethink i have tryed to think is normal and hope it dont show, i have seen many foot drs and the first thing they say can you walk flat footed ?. Having deformed toes like i have and bunions, having excessivly tight tendons is the first thing i must combat in the health of my feet is to regain full movement but i have had xrays of my legs and feet and the changes in tendon lenth and strenth has been dramaticly alttered, so for some girls who are totaly stuck in there maximum hight i know they must be doing such damage to there achilles and they dont realise but i do know and its so hard to get back down in heel hight .
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