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  1. Incredibly sexy heels and legs!

  2. I love your avaitor

  3. I can tell you from experience, you will have to practice to walk in them. I have a pair that is 6 7/8 and one pair a full 7 inches. I can manage the 6 7/8 for a while but the 7 inch can't straighten my knees. Maybe after more practice. The are great looking heels, and my favorite color "black patent"!!!!
  4. Super looking heels, white is always so crisp and clean and sexy looking. Would love to see a close of them..... super looking legs, and great looking dress, would love to see more of her....
  5. The wife came home from shopping and said she had something for me. Found at Goodwill for $2.99 and never been worn that I could tell. Anyone who would by them for their partner, certainly knows what I like....
  6. Wow And Wow. Super Looking Heels. And In My Favorite Color "black Patent" They Are For Sure 2 Thumbs Up!!!!!! Send More Of You In Them....
  7. Those blue heels are just super. All I can say is WOW, WOW, AND WOW... Sure would love to have a pair of those!!!!!
  8. great picture. Super black mules.....
  9. Would love to see more of the shoe than just the heel. They look like they are definately a pair of extreme heels.....
  10. Closed toes pumps. There is noting sexier than a pair of high heel pumps with at least a 5 inch heel, especially in black patent....
  11. All of your pic's are just super.. I would really love to see a close up of your 7" vintage pumps. There is nothing sexier than a pair of super tall pumps, especially in black patent.....; thanks
  12. I certainly love your taste in heels. Black patent is my favorite color. There is nothing hotter than a pair black patent pumps, at least 4 inches but prefer higher....
  13. I could certainly have a pair of those pumps. Super heels.
  14. Great looking vintage 7 inch heels, and in my favorite color black patent. would love to see a close up of them.....
  15. Found on ebay germany. the auction is over unfortunately...
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