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    With the 30% off sale at Macy's I thought I would give these Jessica Simpson boots a try. Since they run small, I ordered an 11. They had up to size 12 on the website today. Rollin High Heel Platform Boots
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    Absolutely love my early morning latte in Costa with my boots on, love watching people come and go and check out their footwear, don’t know if anyone checks out mine though, which Public places do you guys like to just sit in your heels and observe other people
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    I am looking for samome assistance from all of you lovely people! A little back story: Almost 9 years ago, in my bachelor days, I acquired 5 pairs of various Fioni brand pumps and boots from the local Payless and Goodwill. The first pair I bought was from GW, was a pair of knee high boots with a stiletto wood look heel and sole in a size 12 (I wear a mens 14, which if you do the math doesnt add up) but I saw the boots and had to have them, not caring if they fit or not. To my surprise they fit like a glove, maybe a little tight but nothing painful. So from there I purchased several other pairs of Fioni heels and boots all in size 12. Fast forward 4 years, I met my now wife, and decided I would no longer wear heels or "dress", so I purged everything that I owned. Fast forward again another 5 years, here I am unable to supress the urge to wear heels wanting all those heels and boots I once owned. This is where the assistance comes into play, I am looking for any Fioni brand shoes size 12 or 13 to purchase, I have looked on Poshmark, Offer Up, Let Go, Amazon, Ebay, Vinted, Varage Sales, Mercari, etc. Some of the newer styles, just prior to Payless closing, are available, but I'm more interested in the older styles (5-10 years back) any help would be much appreciated! Thank you, this forum has been a great esteem builder!
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    I was at the deli counter after work buying some lunch meat for the Mrs. Next to me was a woman in black slacks with black kidd leather heels. And then the final touch: dark brown shear hose. I never see that anymore unless I do it. I really wanted to tell her how cool it was but a word from a stranger is often received poorly. Someday I want to ask a woman in beautiful black heels (and I'm pickier than any woman) if she knows they are drop-dead gorgeous.
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    I agree. It is so rare to see these days that one would really love to tell the wearer how wonderful they look. But these days one could be charged with sexual harassment just for giving a compliment. Sad times........
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    Right now, 11 is available, but low!
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    I am questioned on the rare occasions I don't have heels on at work. I am expected to have heels.
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    My file keep getting merged so I will date them. Nov. 1. The back of my Halloween costume I wore for 15 hours. Nov. 2. The boots I ordered from Forever 21 came. They were as described, I could put my foot into them but the girth of my ankle prevented me from zipping them up. Sadly, they will be returned on Monday. Oh well, all I can do is try, on to the next. Nov. 3. I went shopping this morning at Costco. While sampling some sausage, another customer noticed my nails and started asking me questions about them until she noticed my heels and started talking about them. Another couple passed by shopping hear the conversation about my heels and looked down at them. She said " I like your heels" as she walked pass.

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