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    i can imagine what you must have been thinking when you first stepped out in your heels. my first public appearance was slightly different because i was doing it for charity wearing the heels in my avatar. you can read the full story at http://www.hhplace.org/stories_high_heel_theme/16396-my_first_public_appearance_heels_tell_us_about_yours.html my next appearance will be in august when i will be wearing a pair of PLEASER DELIGHT 609LN sandals with a 5.75'' stiletto heel and platform to do a 10 mile walk to raise money for Cancer research. i will of course send in the story and photos of the walk once i have done it. when you have 2 close family members who have had or are suffering from cancer it makes you more determined to succeed. i know i will suffer big time but it will be worth it. you could always consider doing one of the WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES if there is one near you