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  1. Hi I also suffer with AS and I find heels help, with my daily routine, and have broken my back twice.


  2. Hi Krazykev, very glad you are into heels, and I know how you feel about bad backs etc, as I also suffer with ak spondulatis, may be you can give me a call 9-3 07799781691 as I would like to meet you.


  3. Sam Smith wears heels for the first time.
  4. the black boots arrived a couple of days ago. they fit great and are comfortable as well as easy to walk in. i have also just ordered another pair of gladiator sandal boots as well as another pair of sandals
  5. No. they were black ones with a 7.5'' heel and 4'' platform im a bit gutted as the black booties did not fit. they were too small. i sent them back and ordered these instead. i will remove the tassle as i dont like bling
  6. What were your first ever pair of heels. For the guys 1970's platforms dont count. my first pair were a pair of pleaser sandals with a 7.5'' heel and 4'' platform. that was 10 years ago How i managed to walk in them at all let alone 5 miles is beyond me. they were actually quiet comfortable
  7. I too have a bad back suffering with various ailments. i was also born with canal stenosis which has only just been diagnosed (im 54yrs old) my rhematologist to me that wearing heels releaves the pressure which in turns allows any inflamation to subside. He also advised me not to wear heels all the time due to other problems developing. My advice is not to wear heels to high. i find 3-4 inch is great. i also prefer a flexible sole. Block heels are easier to walk in but if you wear stiletto heels just take more care. dont be worried on others opinions. if anyone says anything jus
  8. My back problems are 5 slipped disc's, ankolising spondalytus, osteoarthritus and i was also born with canal stenosis. I hate taking painkillers but i have just ordered some DMSO so i can give that a try. Even my rhematologist said that the heels will releave pain as they are releaving the pressure on my slipped discs. All he said is not to live in them as they can cause other problems. I find that the heels make me stand more upright as well. Oh and i have just ordered myself some nice new peeoptoe booties
  9. OK. So i started wearing heels to fundraise for charity. over the new year (2018/19) i raised over £1000 for the british lung foundation. i have since found that wearing heels for long periods help relieve the pain in my spine. It has now come to a point where i am enjoying wearing heels on an almost daily basis. I find i am most comfortable i heels around 3-4 inches high or 5'' with a platform. i do prefer the flex of a single sole though. i love my peeptoe boots as well as my normal boots. i also have some t-bar and mary-jane shoes that i like. Do i care what other people
  10. It is a known fact that if you wear sandals or any open toe footwear in really cold weather that you will end up with really cold toes especially if you go bare footed. in the colder months i wear boots or shoes. a couple of months ago i purchased a lovely pair of open toe sandal boots. i am really looking forward to the warmer months so i can consign my boots to the cupboard and enjoy wearing my open toe sandal boots. i actually own two pairs of sandal boots. i really like the design as they have the support of a boot but allow air around your feet like a pair of sandals.
  11. if the above link wont work try this link http://www.southwales-eveningpost.co.uk/woman-seen-walking-up-wales-highest-peak-wearing-high-heels-in-wintry-conditions/story-30034207-detail/story.html
  12. I came across this article in my local paper. It has given me an idea for a new challenge https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1348146491924600&id=460357840703474
  13. My new Ugg boots have just arrived from Australia. this is the link. www.uggbootsforall.com it is the second pair i have ordered from this company. when i ordered the first pair i had to pay over £20 import taxes etc. this time i never had to pay any form of duty whatsoever. im not complaining because £100 for a pair of Ugg boots is a bargain even i enbded up paying the duties. has anyone ever experienced the same thing? cant think why this has happened
  14. i my opinion it is a wise idea to reguarly switch between flats and heels. also dont stick to the same height of heels all the time. try to vary the height between 2.5 and 4 inch for regular use on a daily basis and save the skyscrapers for the special events. my comfortable height for daily wear is between 2.75 and 3.75 inch. 4 inch is ok for 5 or 6 hours. i keep the higher heels for special occasions and fundraising. block heels are also a lot easier to walk in and also safer. they also need less maintainence. if i was to wear stilettos on a daily basis they would need to be
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