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Shoes of Prey Order



Well I am going to pull the trigger as they say and make my purchase of custom heels from the Shoes of Prey website! Been going back and forth on this decision for some time. First off it was putting together a design I likes with the right colors and material, then the structure of the heel, then back to colors. It has been a journey to say the least. Here is what my new heels will look like, they are called "Fardella 114" shoes, 4 1/2" heels with a t-bar strap, and with a peep toe. Here are some graphics of the shoes:


This pair of heels is priced well at $ 217.00 and no freight charge. Hard to beat the price for a custom made shoe. Once I received them; probably about 2-3 weeks, I will post some photos of me wearing them along with my review of the shoe.

Let me know what you think of my design. And as always...keep struttin those heels!

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They look great very fancy. Thicker heel angled inward makes for better foot placement and comfort. All the heels they sell are strait stiletto max out at 3.9” . While skinny stiletto heel Is not angled inward for proper position for heel for comfort compared to yours that angle slightly inward towards the sole underneath your heel footbed. Also your heel height much better then the ones they are selling. Maybe it’s the sizing heel gets larger.  Have problem with the tan heel tips. Most if not all designer heels have black heel tips no matter the colour of the sole. Tan sole does bring out the heel better. 

Considering buying them torn about the thicker heel  and skinny stiletto option. 

Looking at Fuss Sheshu in black Napa pump 9968 viteele Nero but not sure about the fit or sizing, width, comfort etc.. seen in first pic.

which heel do you think looks better?




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I was thinking about changing the sole to black. Thanks for catching that.

Don't know why they do not show on the site. Perhaps it is because these are custom designed shoes. The ones they show on the site can be customized but they are sold as is, too.

As you stated about the shaft of the heel should be underneath my heel or as I say, centered on my heel. That is one thing I will check first on stilettos. The shoe gets unsteady if it is angles to much or off-center from my heel.

Thanks for your comments!

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Purchasing the sole in black will match the heel tips, seen some youtube videos of heels bought and they send extra pair of heel tips in tan colour. Wonder if you ask them to send black tips it can be easily swapped while still having a tan sole colour. Find only red sole looks good but we all know brand that is exclusive to.

The shaft needs to be center of your footbed heel in order to be more comfortable. You can clearly notice on my previous last two pictures in above reply that thicker stiletto shaft is angled inwards while thin shaft is at the very end vertical passing your foot heel. Also notice the angle of the footbed maybe  too steep? Only wearing them will you notice if only your heel and front toes make contact on the footbed of the shoe. This slope can make wearing the heels very uncomfortable and unsteady to walk around. Your entire foot needs to contour the shoe not just the ends of your feet. 

There is a lot to think about before purchasing such heels. Do like the nappa leather materials also wish they had lacquered coloured shaft heel, rather patent leather  covered ones or nappa.  

Convinced myself out of purchasing these heels from Shoes of Prey although nothing is perfect. Will wait until some designer brands may come up at discounted price somewhere Like Jimmy Choo Anouk or others. Notice the higher heel and thin shaft makes more sexier looking stiletto. If i'm going to be wearing uncomfortable heels out on the street i better be in some designer ones that everyone will notice and recognize rather average poorly thought out attempt of quality material heels. Might as well buy Charles David, sam edelmen, nine west or PU pleasers.  If woman are staring at my heels thinking why on earth is he wearing such thin high stilettos shopping?  Woman better notice the quality envying the style, observing my comfortable stride, rather critiquing  finding the thick heel ugly or odd, tip colour wrong, assuming there Charles David with black sole or sub parr faux Steve Madden or Michael Kors brand. Ladies pitting me comparing  themselves thinking they got prettier heels at home. 

At first glance every heel looks similar if someone doesn't stare long. At closer inspection woman who are intrigued may observe someone in heels longer to recognize the brand without bothering them.  Or they may compliment the heels subtly asking what brand they are so they can purchase the style themselves. 





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Thank you for replying. I would die to have a designer shoe or should I say a closet of designer shoes, but alas I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth! I am saving for the day I can go out and buy my first pair. When I was in New York a while back I did meet Brian Atwood at a social event (love his designs) and I know that I will buy one of his shoes when I have the money saved up. I also am a fan of Stuart Weitzman.

I am willing to try the Shoes of Prey at this time. If they fit well and look good on me, I will be very happy. From my experience buying and wearing heels, I believe I will have a good result. Plus one thing I like about this company is that if the shoe does not fit, too big or too little, I can send it back to be resized or adjusted. And from the comments I have heard from women, they have had a good experience with the shoes and the company.

I may be fortunate, but I have had so very little issues with the heels I have bought. I am also very aware of what works with my feet in terms of design and style. I have never had a woman tell me that my heels look "sub-par" or odd. When I wear my heels, which is every day, I make sure that whatever I wear matches my heels and that my heels enhance my outfit.

Hey, thanks for your input, I appreciate it. I will never expand my horizons unless others pour into me their ideas, wisdom and knowledge. Have a great day and keep strutting those heels! Chow!

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Had  anyone here already bought a pair of shoes from La Piazza in Germany?. Sounds really nice. 


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