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I only started wearing high heels about 6 years ago. My mum and other family members never wore high heels. Come to think of it non of my female friends wore heels either or I just did not notice them wearing heels. Wearing heels were not part of my life.

I used to wear my mums tights when I was younger but even then I stopped doing that after a while

Sometimes when I stayed at my best mates place and he parents were away I used to sleep on his parents bed in a sleeping bag. I used to wear his mums stocking, garter belt and skirt all night. I did enjoy doing this. I,m just glad I never got caught doing this. Just how would I explain to him about this? We stopped being friends sometime later but that was due to other reasons. More to come later.



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I remember staying at my buddy's also....I used to wear his cowboy boots and jeans! I would later find his Mom's boots and wore them as well! That really felt great.

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This sounds so familiar! I never really got into wearing cloths etc until recently so I didn't used to do that but I did used to try friends mums shoes on - those that were close to fitting me!

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