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  1. Fantastic shoes although they're only for the cameras. They don't even look like the correct size!
  2. There was a pic in todays Sun paper of J-Lo wearing some really high gladiator style shoes. Trying to find it to post up bu not having much luck. It's not on their website
  3. Ann_Louise, I think it's not so much hushed reverence for the fact that some of these girls are wearing heels, it's the fact there there seem to be so many. I'm over the moon there are women like your good self who regularly wears decent high heels, it give me hope that one day I could walk along the street and see the glorious sights than Mazun regularly sees!
  4. Very nice! Always seems to be 1 girl wears te sexy shoes whilst her friend provides support
  5. wow what fantastic legs! I think I could accept those heels if that lady came with them Trolldeg Mazun, where in Russia did you visit!?
  6. WOAH!! what an outfit as well! Seriously impressed with the lady folk over there!! if only women in my town would dare to dress so feminine!
  7. fook, nice pics but next time can you reduce them down to 8000000000000000000 x 6000000000000000000000000
  8. bejebus!!!! Stuff the holiday! I'm thinking of moving there!!
  9. Thanks Bob!!! I was hoping someone had capped that!! a stunningly sexy girl!!
  10. Glad you like them, I did reduce the picture's size but it appears pretty small. They're really good quality ones (high res). Here's an editted one at full size but just of her shoes. Oh and I totally agree with you, I much prefer to see a woman out wearing high heels rather than a posed "lads" mag shot!
  11. Emma Bunton out and about in very similar heels to the ones Angie Everhart is posing in..
  12. Marks out of ten... well I'd certainly give her one! Not too much of a platform, I'd let her get away with those
  13. Nice find! Deffo ask her about her shoes! Another "asian" adult star that looks amazing is Asia Carerra, one of the reasons I like her (apart from being gorgeous) is that she's always in heels.
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