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Changing tastes



Hello ladies and gentelmen, are you having a good weekend?

I'm pretty excited about stuff at the moment and have been making some radical changes to my shoe collection.

I went over 200 shoes at Christmas, and have probably bought 20 since, but have been so ruthless, getting rid of out of date styles and shoes I no longer like so I'm back to 190-or-so.

The collection that's taken the biggest battering is my collection of Pleasers, down from nearly 60 to just over 20.

Some of my Pleasers are amazing, but I'm only keeping the ones I think are genuinely beautiful. A lot were just 8" tall lumps of seethrough plastic, so they've gone.

I have also got rid of some of my cheaper shoes. Why have a pair of black Pleaser boots when I have some Louboutin Altbottes? Why have patent heels from Ellie when I have Tributes? You know, stuff like that.

My sister and I have discovered the virtues of expensive footwear so you can expect a lot more of that kinda stuff over the next few months. Cait already has some great shoes that you'll be seeing more of in the near future.

I will update my catalogue of shoes later today so keep your eyes peeled.

Have a nice weekend.


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I can remember when I cleared out my collection of patent footwear, trying to overcome my addiction to them.

A few months down the line I'd come to regret it and sadly a good few years on, I've never seen that favourite pair of Ravel Black Patent cross strap shoes I was once the proud owner of.

It must be nice when you can get rid of shoes and still have so many beautiful pairs in your collection.

What did you do with those you no longer wanted?

Only wish I was your shoe size lol.

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Hey, thanks. A bit of everything really. Some I gave away, some I sold individually, some I sold in batches and some I binned. There were some pretty lousy pairs that I can't believe I ever liked. Some had just dated. Some were way past their best. I rarely have shoes over 3 years old in my collection. I think I've got rid of about 40 shoes in total over the last month.

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i never clear out my shoes or boots i just add to them lol.......my kids steal them i have 5 daughters so they get stolen regularly.........im in the mood to for a new pair.xxxxxoh i fancy white p.v.c. ones to go with my red pvc skirt..my man says to write yum yum...cheeky sod this is MY answer.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx liz

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I need a serious clear out of my shoes,as i to have fallen under the designer shoes spell!

just need to make some time and make some hard decisions!

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Once I started it became pretty easy, it kinda just snowballed. There are possibly 2 more pairs of Pleasers I'm considering ditching, but all the others are really nice looking shoes and fairly original so I'm gonna keep my hands on them.

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wow! i only dream of seeing my wife's collection that huge! but she's about 85 pairs in and is already thinking of thinning the collection. mainly new prestine hardly worn heels now.. the old stuff got thinned out when we wedded.

i don't think she could handle 200. let alone 100. oh.. and the expensive heels.. a no-no in her rules.. however... Roz, when I do check out the pic sections.. you're one of those whom i check out!


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85 pairs is a great amount. Sometimes I totally forget that I own some shoes, and some I convince myself I've sold. It's hard keeping track sometimes!

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I want to get rid of my 70s plats. I would rather give them away to someone from this site then to put them in the garbage. Someone deserves to have these historical shoes. Too dated for my liking right now. I need more space in my closet for more fluevog boots.


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