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Hello!! ArchesAnonymous saying hi!

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Ballerina trained, looking to build a collection of beautiful heels and possibly some extreme ones as well. Designers of course (120mm+), but ballet heels or otherwise might be neat. Not sure who to try first but it is a list to try next! Will be doing a lot of research. 

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Welcome to our forum.  It’s nice to welcome another female to our midst.  A femine view is always welcomed and genuinely appreciated.  Please don’t hesitate to express yourself on any subject that may be of interest here.

Based upon what our members are reportng it would seem that it is becoming more difficult to find high quality high heels at reasonable prices.  Our resident expert in all things associated with high heels, Gina, Known as the Queen of heels, has gone silent for a considerable time.  However, based upon my past private conversation and discussion of sources with her (she lives in Germany and is well connected to the better known producers throughout Europe) I would venture to say that she would recommend some of the products made in Italy, Spain and England.  She also pointed me towards several manufacturers in Germany that produced quality footwear.  She even facilitated my purchasing a couple of pairs for myself.

Be prepared to pay a premium price for a quality product.  And, I too am interested in knowing what you find.

once again, welcome.




Being mentally comfortable in your own mind is the key to wearing heels in public.

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Thanks, unfortunately, I know all too well. A few of my favorites so far are the 130mm styles from Christian Louboutin, and the Maison Ernest Elysée 14 (see profile picture). I had one person in public recognize the shoe model and was staring at them all night at a conference, it was interesting ;). So much more to go.

Finding sizing info is difficult.



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