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Steve Madden Pumps Disintegrating

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This is neither really a repair nor a modification, but just further evidence of what can happen to plastic shoes over time, even if they've never been worn.

I bought these Steve Madden "Daisie" pumps about a month and a half ago from either ebay or Poshmark, I don't remember which. They were advertised as "never worn" or "worn twice," or "new without box," or something like that. In any case, the things looked brand new when I got them, there was no evidence of wear on the soles or the heels. However, the sock liners started to peel from the first time I tried them on, and have gotten progressively worse.

I have actually gotten to the point with them where I feel comfortable wearing them outside (they are at my upper limit of steepness, so I don't take this lightly), and I had them on for probably three hours a couple of days ago, with plenty of standing and walking during that time. I was actually impressed by how comfortable they were, considering their height.

However, as you can see, the insides of them have blown up, almost to the point where it's visible from the outside. I need to go through there with a razor blade and cut off all those little "crumbs" you can see across the tops of the toes. I'm not really that worried about it, as I have several other pairs of shoes with the same issue that I still wear regularly with no problem, but I guess I've never seen it happen this quickly, and to this extent. Luckily, the outside of the shoes looks just fine. I haven't even scuffed up anything yet. Till I put those tiny heels in a hole or a crack somewhere. :penitent:




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Such a shame.  It's those darned synthetic leathers again, ruining an otherwise nice pair of shoes.

I wonder if you could prep, then paint the interior with something tough, yet flexible, like silicone caulking, Lexel, or even silicone roof coating, to hold the interior surface together.

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