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Has wearing your footwear caused a distraction to somebody else?

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My wife is not much of a boots or high heels person whereas I do tend to live in them. I personally find boots especially with heels very comfortable to wear and I feel great for wearing them. You've got that sense of 'power and attention'. I have quite a few pairs indeed. Knee highs are my regular choice of boots to wear then split between ankle and crotch thigh high. Shoes are rarely worn.

I was accompanying Mrs N to the piercing studio. Whilst Mrs N was preping herself the piercer (Vicki) waved for me to come over. Vicki was so amazed at my crotch thigh high boots that she kept on admiring them and asking questions where I got them and commenting how unusual and mega sexy they looked and on a guy with heels suddenly remembering to sterilisie the equipment.  Vicki said that my boots were distracting her in a positive way. Mrs N was remeasured and marked up. Vicki told her how amazed she was with my whole outfit and enquired whether Mrs N had boots like mine and was shocked to be told no.  Mrs N was then pierced.  Photos were taken of the cheek piercings and of my thigh high boots. Now the question remains ..what to wear when we visit Vicki again for the follow up appointment.


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