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This challenge replaces my heeling hearts challenge.  The reason is that I recently lost my mother to cancer so I have decided to fundraise for Macmillan nurses again.

The challenge will involve me walking 5 miles in a pair of 7 inch stiletto courts. They have a 2 inch platform meaning they are in effect a pair of 5 inch heels.  This is technically the highest heels I have ever walked in.  I am lucky that the heels actually have a nice snug fit.  I do find them very challenging to walk in though meaning that I spend a lot of time walking round the house in them to get used to them. Below is a close up of the shoes as well as me in the outfit I will be wearing on the walk. 

I originally wanted a pair of peep-toe or sling-back peep-toes but they were not available in green.  The shoes were provided by a company called noo shoes http://www.nooshoes.co.uk/shop/  Their prices are extremely low compared to other companies and their sizes start from size UK9 up to 13.  They also do a couple of flat sandals and ballerina pumps but most of the footwear they sell are court shoes.  What I find odd is most of them have 7 inch heels with a 2 inch platform although they do have 1 or 2 5 inch heels with small or no platform.  It's also worth noting that all the shoes they sell are sized with men in mind

The challenge will take place on 27 August 2016 and will be 5 miles long. walking along the seafront from the Civic centre in Swansea to Mumbles pier.  Again I will be carrying a collection bucket.  I also have a fundraising page at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/mumsheels

I have also got a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/heelsformum/?ref=bookmarks

As yet I'm undecided if I should wear full fishnets or footless fishnets with thin pop socks to stop rubbing.  There is no way I will attempt to walk in them barefooted because I will end up with some bad blisters.  I made this mistake back in 2010. 

If there are any heelers in the Swansea area on the day feel free to walk with me and give your support.  WARNING:  Be prepared for the pain LOL






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Since i had delivery of the heels i have been practicing around the home to get used to the difference in height.  up until i got the heels the highest effective height i had walked in was only 4.25 inches but these are higher at 5 inches. the extra 0.75 inch is easily noticeable and makes a huge difference.

at first i found it a little difficult to walk in them without bending my knees but i have now overcome this problem.  i have also found them a little more comfortable wearing thin pop socks instead of fishnets so i have decided that i will wear footless fishnets with thin pop socks. 

im really looking forward to doing this walk as it means so much to me.  this walk is in memory of my mother and i owe a lot to Macmillans for caring for my mother in the final stages of her life.  anybody who has ever seen a cancer victim in their final stages will know how harrowing it is for the family.  it is the most painful experience i have ever been through.

after this walk i dont know what my next challenge will be.  i have found my maximum distance which is around 13 miles or a half marathon.  i have yet to find my maximum effective height but i think i might be able to manage an extra half inch or possibly 6 inch.  how far i could walk in them would be a different matter.  as for how long i could wear heels for i know that i can easily wear a 3 inch heel all day every day.  i find duration depends on the fit of the actual shoes.

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Sorry for the loss of your Mom, good luck in the heel challenge, I'm sure she is looking down smiling....D

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For a comparison i have just slipped on my Pleaser divine 415 heels (3 inch) after wearing the 7 inch green heels for a few hours around the house.

The feel and difference is vast.  They actually feel like flat shoes LOL.  To be honest they dont even feel if they have a heel at all.

It will be just 7 weeks this coming saturday till my 5 mile charity walk.  Its going to be a killer walk

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Hey! krazykev64,

I also want to offer my condolences and remind you that your mother is continuing her existence in a better place with more opportunities to realize her eternal potentials. Our parents mean so much to us and they have contributed much to the lives they have touched in their mortal life. We cherish their memories and feel so inept in the shadow of their greatness as we strive to follow their example of being better individuals.

So you are going to walk 5 miles in your 5"+2" platform heels. That is commendable! I hope you have been preparing for this by going on lengthy walks, even with out your heels, to build the muscle toning and lung capacity needed for such a feat. Hope you raise a sizeable amount for the cause.  

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