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Goodbye Richie Benaud

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Just for the cricket fans among us, I know.  Who knows, we might be in the majority.


I loved the way he fixed his eye on the camera so you felt he was trying to bore into your soul.  I hope he meets with Jonners in a better place and they have a high old time spotting passing buses.

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Gosh! You let me get away with that, given recent history.


But back to Richie Benaud.  That lovely, warm Australian voice.  One of the joys of cricket (can you think of another sport that's better on the radio?) is that the pace of it allows knowledgeable commentators to think before they speak, and Benaud knew and loved his cricket.  Stumps.

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He had a superb gift of timing in his delivery, understanding that the pregnant pause is a powerful tool, and then his beautifully, shrewdly understated style. Australian summers are the poorer without him, but the memories of them enriched.

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