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Live Long And Prosper

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He will be missed. He worked as Spock up till the very end. That is just awesome dedication to a character that had an infinite future in Star Trek and is beloved by many who weren't even rabid fans of Star Trek. I wish Zachary Quinto (don'r know if I spelled that right), the now new Spock the best in filling his ears.

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Yes, he good naturedly accepted his life-long type-casting as Spock and left popular culture with a much-loved character that will continue to live long and prosper.


Hard to believe that in the early days of the original show the producers feared the Spock character would be seen as demonic with those ears, and actually considered getting rid of him.  It was Nimoy's cleverness and deadpan delivery and touch of humour that won them over - and was already winning over audiences.


Indeed, let's raise an eyebrow in memory.

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