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Let It Snow, Let It Snow..

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Yeah! I've been told I did much the same in '63. Apparently me & the girl next door made an igloo & we got caught kissing in it by my dad. (I was all of 5 years old at the time!)


I have no memory of my own of that particular incident, although I remember huge amounts of snow & most of Luton grinding to a halt. My dad was off work for a couple of days & joined in with the local snow shovelling volunteers managing to get the main road from Luton to Dunstable open in about three days between them all. I do remember that he took me to a nearby railway bridge to watch a steam train with a snowplough on the front trying to batter it's way through a massive drift. We were there for around half an hour watching it reverse up, take another run up & ram the drift which resulted in clouds of steam, smoke & snow all over the place before doing it all over again.


Good fun for us kids...

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