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  1. Hi Spartan, I was only out arround the corner to have a beer or two and this is funny because I was walking down the street and suddenly a guy atared at me from a bar through the window and I was allready chicken out as I thoght -Oh, I know him from somewhere- Well he finally came out and even though it took a minute for both of us to remember who the other was, we finally found out that we new each other over friends in common and a girl with whom I used to work with. Anyway we had a great chat and suddenly he said- Hey what great shoes are you wearing! Respect! So it was everything fine and
  2. Hi, great pics. I love the look. Pity I can´t make it to London. Best regards
  3. find these pics by some russian photographers Enjoy
  4. As usual I was working and could not go anywhere. But I hope I can do it to London although I´m going to be back in Southamerica by end Feb. Greetings! Luis
  5. Hi, they were in a second Hand Shop. They are from D-Squared. I saw them and fell in love spontaneously but never thoght they could be my size, and when I had them in the hand, they were not only new but size 41. I trembled as I tryed them on and they fitted! Isn´t it a dream?
  6. and some party people nowadays. Greetings
  7. Thanks Freddy for naming me a friend. Please stay in contact. I´d love to talk to you again!
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