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  1. Another on the fringe of this forum. In Melbourne.
  2. Congratulations. You carry yourself with great style. Love the way you dress. Russell, Australia

  3. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them.

  4. If anyone know of where to buy some hh boots equivalent to mens size euro45 in Australia it would be appreciated.
  5. Hi, yes they are really nice. Being all leather they do wear well, so you will get value for money. The best way to purchase is to get them through Sir Tom Baker's shop. http://www.tombakerlondon.com/ is the link. You can telephone an order to them which is probably the way forward. They hold stock at their shop and when I was last there, the prices are very much cheaper than those shown on the Archie Eyebrows website. E.g. The Amechie semi patent (as my avatar) are £175 and not £240. I also have the Lenny in black leather and these were also £175 and not the £240 as advertised. Whatever you choose, becuase you can't test the size, I found they run small - I am a small EU44, but had to go for EU45 for a really good fit. The Amechie fits easier than a Lenny due to different last being used in manufacture. Good luck. Simon.

  6. I am drooling over the archie eyebrows shoes! How do you find them? Are they well made? I have been thinking about getting a pair like yours, but the exchange rate for the Australian $ is a bit steep.

  7. Can anyone tell me about the quality of Archie Eyebrows shoes with the 6cm cuban heel. See www.archieeyebrows.co.uk They are fabulous, it is sooo frustrating you can't get things like these in Australia.
  8. Kerridwyn. Cool boots. Where in Australia are you?
  9. Hi malinheels. Would be interested in making contact. Where do you get your heels from? If you wanted send a private message to me, be nice to chat. Russell PS> Thats not me in my avatar.
  10. I agree. Leather is a fabulous material. I see a bit of it again on the catwalks of Milan this past week. Sadly, couldn't see any high heels though.
  11. You have made my day! What more could one ask for, leather, satin lined fur and high heels. WOW [ Oh yes, a little make up would be nice ] I do like the long furs for men on www.charlycalder.com.
  12. Jumpsuit

    Socks or what?

    Thea Whereabouts in Australia are you?
  13. Kneehighs & Maxmillian Nice outfits. Do you ever where leather trousers with your heels?
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