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  1. Wow... some women really know the meaning of SEXY.
  2. Why buy Pleaser when you can buy more quality shoes like Nine West, Jessica Simpson, even in real leather... at least for me, the thrill is to wear the "real thing", models that normal women would look for, and Pleaser is more "costume" type shoes to me. I apologize for the Pleaser fans, this is just my opinion, and I already owned a pair of Pleaser (Vanity 420). It is OK, but there are much better quality shoes out there for the same price or lower. These brands I mentioned go up to 12 on many models and not so expensive, it is worth a look. Check Amazon, Ebay, and you will find good deals.
  3. LOVE toe cleavage... my avatar says it all I agree that the second picture is way too low cut for me. I do recognize the shape... is it from classicpumps/Pepe Jimenez? I have a red pair and my wife has a matching one.
  4. Oi Biostim, bem vindo! É um prazer! Parabéns pela coragem de sair de salto alto... não se preocupe com a reação desse fulano... entenda que se ele fosse um pouco mais consciente e informado, poderia ao menos respeitar e tolerar, ou então guardar para si mesmo a reação... esqueça isso e faça o que te faz sentir bem! Hi Biostim, welcome... pleased to meet you! Congrats for the courage to go out in heels... don't worry with the reaction of this guy... understand that if he were a little more conscient and informed, he would at least respect and tolerate, or else keep the reaction to himself... forget about that and do what pleases you!
  5. Yes, I owned one pair of Rossi in size 12, they fit perfectly for me (I do have narrow feet, thank god). I guess these would be a little bit snuggy but nothing I couldn't stand... we should expect a bit of disconfort in pumps, I think it is part of the fun These would be wonderful paired with a night/formal outfit... I will keep an eye for clearances!
  6. RonC, these are absolutely stunning! Just the kind I like most... and definitely very feminine! Are you a true size 11? Would they fit a size 12 well?
  7. RonC, very cute pumps (loved the bow and the 2-color) and looks really great on you with these stockings! And a nice clicking sound is essential for the overall experience, at least for me.
  8. gallux

    Size 14 Heels

    RonC, just as I mentioned above - these Pepe Jimenez pumps are of top quality... I had one pair of "Rossi" in 3" heels, and really enjoyed them. You won't find that quality any cheaper than that (and it is actually cheaper than the Italian Heels brand), I think the price is reasonable for what you get.
  9. Yep... most brands go up to size 11 only.,.. many not even above 10... And consider yourself lucky - in Brazil there are almost no brands above Women's 10... just a few "special sizes" brands that do the ugliest shoes you can imagine. So I am forced to import. Tall women and men are not a target market it seems... but it has been changing and will change more in the near future... population is getting taller and big footed. I just hope they keep women's shoes for WOMEN. Some brands make women's shoes for MEN, wider and larger than usual female design, and that takes away all the "fantasy", or the pleasure, at least for me... If I want shoes designed for men, I can just grab my usual boring loafers...
  10. Steve, nothing is better than a classic pair of pumps - good choice. Enjoy!
  11. The 2 black pairs are size 12 indeed, very rare, and barely worn - so yes, I guess I am lucky. Also I spent a lot of time looking for them The Nickels pair would be more a size 12 narrow (even though marked B width... I am surprised they fit me this well (guess I do have a female feet)... the leather is very soft and thin, so despite being tight, they are very comfortable and pleasant to wear and look at, VERY feminine. So no wonder, these are my favorite among the 3.
  12. Yep... I did a purge about 6 months ago when I had to move out of my apartment and married... As I mentioned in another topic recently, I revealed everything to my wife, and to my surprise, she accepted (even still a bit shocked...) Now, I will show her these pairs this afternoon... it will be the first time seeing me in heels... so let's see how it goes...
  13. You're right, I'm sorry... I still hadn't much time to take nicer pictures of them... So now, the correct indroductions: 1 - Black kid pumps from Nickels (There are suede straps in the upper area, tied with a small cord like a bootie, very cute) - 4 inch 2 - Black suede pumps from Andiamo (Very cute golden snakeskin-like details on the sides and heels) - 4 inch And just today I received another pair 3 - Nude patent pumps from Kensie Girl (This brand goes up to size 11 only, 1 size smaller to me... even though being a little snuggy, they are comfy to walk, and even more having rubber soles!) 2 inch http://hhplace.org/gallery/image/3329-img-0925/ http://hhplace.org/gallery/image/3330-img-0926/ http://hhplace.org/gallery/image/3327-img-0923/ http://hhplace.org/gallery/image/3328-img-0924/ http://hhplace.org/gallery/image/3333-/ http://hhplace.org/gallery/image/3331-img-0927/ http://hhplace.org/gallery/image/3332-img-0928/
  14. Hi friends, what a great day it is for me - I just received from the post office my 2 first new pairs of my new collection. 2 amazing vintage pairs that fit like a glove: http://hhplace.org/gallery/image/3326-img-0922/ I am really enjoying them, can't take them off...
  15. Although I like both (sandals and stockings), mixing them doesn't seem a good idea to me. But the pictures and the ladies are beautiful on the other hand
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