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  1. I love to shop thrift stores for heels. Savers is my favorite because they keep their shoes by size and prices are always in the $3-$10 range. You all are correct, that the size I wear (10 women) is fairly limited in selection, but I have been lucky on occasion. When I go in I look at all of the shoes from size 5 on up and always check out the highest heels. What amazes me, is how unused most of these shoes are. There usually is very little wear on the sole. I don't know if it is because as others have said, they are just too high and uncomfortable and therefore, donated to second hand stores or maybe they were worn one time for a wedding and discarded. I still like the second hand shoe aisles because I try to picture who bought the heels and how they looked on them.
  2. My first encounter with heels was in the second grade. I was at a friends house and we were playing hide and seek. When it was my turn to hide, I snuck into his big sisters closet. She must have been in her late teens. When I closed the door, it was dark and I was standing among her large collection of high heels on the floor. For some reason I picked one up and the sweet smell of leather, perfume and sweat overwhelmed me. This was way before I know what being turned on was all about, but something in my head switched on and I was hooked. Subsequent encounters involved me housesitting for the next door neighbor. She had some spectacular heels. I was probably 12 or 13 at the time. I recall laying by her closet, pulling different stilettos out of shoe boxes and holding them to my nose while I played with myself. I'm in my late 60's now and have a small collection of heels that I wear on occasion, but those old memories feel like they were just yesterday. Amazing how strong that imprinting was at such an early age.
  3. I guess my statement is more honest than my signature line. Do I dream of wearing 4-5 inch classic pumps in public? Hell yes. Have I done it? Of course, but only in very controlled environments. What I really mean is that I'm comfortable wearing ankle boots with a 3 inch heel in more public places than stilettos.
  4. I voted myself as a #2 for a couple of reasons. Since my wife, family and friends know nothing of my heel wearing, I'm reluctant to be exposed by one of them. There are two types of heeling that I like to do. When I'm wearing ankle boots with a blade or stiletto heel, I feel more comfortable in public because they seem more discreet. But my real love is 5 inch stiletto pumps and that's where the problem lies. Somehow I have it in my mind that the ankle boots are more acceptable and less obvious. The stiletto pumps though are obviously totally feminine, which is why I like to wear them so much. I can go into a department store wearing the ankle boots and feel comfortable, but am totally self conscious about the stiletto pumps and have never tried to wear them in public for fear of ridicule.
  5. Recently, I found a website www.omegle.com that allows you to video chat with strangers. The website claims that there are usually over 20,000 people on-line at any given time. When you log on, you connect with someone, you see their camera and they see yours. The whole thing is totally random and either person can leave the chat and move on to the next stranger. Still being a bit uncomfortable with public heeling, I've started wearing heels for these video chats. Typically, I will wear 4-5 inch stilettos with jet black pantyhose and a short skirt. I focus the camera on my legs and shoes so as not to identify myself. The question that comes up 90% of the time is "What, are you gay?". Of course, I say no, I'm straight and that I just like to wear heels. Why do people think you have to be gay to wear heels? With the exception of the frustrating stereotype that these strangers try to put me in, the experience has been mostly positive as it has led to some interesting discussion about high heels. These are a pair of heels that I've worn on Omegle.com
  6. Spikes

    Member Map

    Added my location today. From looking at the map, I feel like I live in "no man's land". Tell me it isn't true.
  7. I'm not sure if this link has been posted before, but I ran across this compilation of the wildest assortment of high heels. I wonder if anyone in the group owns a pair shown in the video.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I was just lucky to find you online. Here's an email address I frequently check. Terry_avery1@yahoo.com. Don't ask, my name is still Dave.

  9. Hey buddy, we layover in ABQ occasionally as well....Will sure let you know the next time I'm going be in town...Would be cool to do some heeling together...don

  10. Sorry I took so long to get back to you, but don't get to this website that often. I live in Albuquerque, so I don't know if you travel through ABQ. Would be fun to heel together sometime. I've never done that before. Dave

  11. This thread reminded me of something I tried a couple of years ago. I placed an ad in the Clothing section of Craigslist. I think the title was "Let's go shoe shopping" in which I proceeded to offer a pair of free high heels to any woman who would go shoe shopping with me. The only caveat was that I got to pick the store. I was surprised at the number of replies I got, finally settling on one very interesting lady named Veronica. She said she loved to shop for shoes, so we decided to meet at Burlington. I knew that all of the shoes range in the $20-$30 price. It was so exciting to share my fetish with a perfect stranger and she enjoyed it also. We went shopping on three different occasions, she tried on many pair of sexy heels and she always went home with free pair. She said I was fun to shop with and had a great eye for shoes. Unfortunately, she moved out of town. Maybe that was a good thing. I could have gone broke buying her heels.
  12. As I said in an earlier post on this board, I finally purchased a pair of "practical heels" to begin my ventures out in public. If I could, I would prefer to parade around in 5 inch stilettos, but have been way too shy for that. So these heels are black leather ankle boots with a 3 inch heel. I wear longer pants, but the heels are still pretty exposed. So far, I've been to K-Mart, shopping, gas stations, the post office and feel very comfortable in them. There have been a few looks, but nothing negative. I'd really like some comments from people who notice because that's what we're all probably interested in, but nothing so far. Toning it down a bit made a big difference in my courage level.
  13. I was having trouble falling asleep last night. In trying to occupy my mind with something other than problems, I started trying to put together the longest description I could think of for a pair of heels. Here it is: Black patent closed toe hidden platform stiletto heel zip up thigh high leather boots (14 words) I couldn't come up with anything longer. Perhaps someone else would like to take a stab at it.
  14. Hey there Spikes.... Yeah, those 3" boots and jeans are a great comprimise! I do the same thing...Gets us out in public with heels, maybe not the heels we truly want to be in, but helps us get some public heel mileage and confidence.... I work for the airlines, sometimes layover in Tucson or Phoenix, live in either of those areas? Would be very cool to get out publicly with a heel buddy....Would love to see some pics of you in your boots and levis....I really want to meet up with a like minded guy so I can get some pictures taken of me in boots also....Don

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