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  1. Just curious did you also give your calf and ankle size for these boots? They look great!
  2. I actually end up like her look it was a little reminisces of the 60s TV series with more modern feel to it. It was interesting throughout the whole film they never used the name Catwomen for her character that I can recall.
  3. I really like the first pair with the red soles.
  4. I like the Black Velvet simple and classy!
  5. I've bought 2 pair of the Madonna style from them Via Glamour Boots here in the US which I believe the boots come from Jean-Gaborit good quality and service for both pairs of boots it was about 2 months.
  6. Ahh very nice she walks very well for that heel height.
  7. I love the brown pumps in the third picture. Thats a color I don't see it often.
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