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  1. Lady Gaga - music fab, footwear crazy, daring and fun. Sue
  2. I personally think you will drive to guys wild. I hope you boot / shoe selection have very high heels! I am with my husband in Singapore at present. The temperature is 28 to 32. Last night I wore over the knee boots. WOW, I was so warm but in the air con buildings it was fine. For me, boots are for all year round. Sue
  3. When I met my husband, he asked me to wear high heels. I had previously been a flat heel person because I am 5 feet 8 inches tall. Astime passed by, I was wearing heels at five inches and above. Being of the more mature age, over 55, I pride myself in being to wear seven inch heels, pony boots, nine inch heels with a two inch platform and due to training ballet boots. Wear them in bed - yes without a doubt. Sue (teeza)
  4. I enjoy my husband weari g high heeled boots out socially.
  5. It was pic of Victoria Beckhams heeless boots which inspired me to have some hand made. The second pair had such a high arch, they are difficult to walk in. This just encourages m e to wear them more often. They are just a differnt style. Sue
  6. teeza

    Ballet boots

    Not easy. Just try them on at first and get used to the feel of them. Trying standing up in them next to a wall in the house for support. Sue
  7. Not doubt about it, my pony boots are the loudest.
  8. Hi, I have worn my heeless boots in Milan and Venice last week. They certainly attracted attention from other people. Sue
  9. Not dangerous at all. Sue
  10. They are generally custom made without heels. I have a pair of boots made without heels. Fairly easy to walk in once you get the balance right. Not for running! Sue
  11. Thanks for quick reply. Sue (Teeza)
  12. Can anyone advise on the fitting of these shoes. Due to height; do you have to go one size larger or are their sizes correct. Advise on a 38 (euro) size in UK ladies size 5 or 6. Teeza
  13. The boots have an arch which equates to a 5 inch heel.
  14. In 2008, I purchased a pair of pony boots for myself and my husband from Reactor in Sydney. I really enjoy either one of us or both of us wearing these boots on the street. I find them easy to wear and love the sound of the stainless steel hoofs on the pavement. Also in bars, I enjoy the comments people make. Who else enjoys wearing in public? Sue (Teeza)
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