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  1. You are very right :D. Do your days include standing a lot if you are a teacher?
  2. In my opinion they go perfectly hand to hand – in a hobble skirt you will be walking on your tiptoes anyway. I have been wearing tight skirts and heels to office for years Pair that with a corset, and all sales seem to go through much easier
  3. Nice to meet you! You seem to like extreme heels as well :).
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Selina, I'm a 29-year-old woman, and I live in Southern Finland. I work in a software company as a full-time job. I love photographing and making music (although I'm not particularily good at it :D) In high school I began to discover myself and my fetishes. For some reason, I found that wearing impractical clothes turned (and still turn) me on quite a bit, and since then, the only footwear that I have worn (apart from exercising) has been high heels. Because I like their impracticality, I always have worn heels as high as possible, and without platform
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