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  1. Thank you for merging the accounts. As for the knee surgery ..the heels aren't the problem so much as the circumference of my legs. Arthritis has added just enough that the boots will never zip.... It's okay though....Robert bought new boots for me.
  2. We were/are bobandangie. We are starting to part out my personal collection. Most are UK 6 or US size 8 to 8.5. We just put up my purple leather thigh boots from Little Shoe Box. Breaking my heart to let them go but after knee surgery I simply can fit in them anymore. They wont zip. Lol. It's like letting our children go, we chose the color and the leather just for me and only made two pair in my size....so many great memories....
  3. It's nice to be remembered. We had such fun sharing our love of heels. I'd like to think our early success helped bring thigh high boots back into fashion. I love being able to find amazing boots with sexy but wearable heels now that knee surgery limits my high heel walking. That's part of the reason I'm going to part with a lot of my collection. They need to go to someone who can wear and love them instead of gathering dust in a closet. My heels need a loving home lol. Although Robert still tells me....if that heel is too high to walk in....I can always lay down!
  4. Angie here, was trying to find info on collectability of some of my collection and came across this forum. I think Robert and I were members here before but I couldn't recall our log on info. Anyway....hello from a blast from the past of amazing high heel boots and shoes.
  5. Ahhh trying to decide what to wear....THAT is the hard part. I have bedroom shoes (heels too high for anything but playing). I have shop all day boots Shop for a short while boots Just sit and eat dinner boots I have flat soled thigh boots for casual fun I have sneakers I have high heel shoes with heels I can barely stand in High heel shoes for funerals, weddings, parties...... Knee boots skirts, for jeans......for fooling around i have a few wedge heels and a few plain sandals. They are a collection but they are all shoes I will wear, do wear.....I just don't have enough days in the year to wear them all....so I cycle through favorites and once in awhile I wear them out or sell them off to make room for more. I KNOW I should make it a smaller collection and make it easier.....but I just can't let them go......*sigh* Angie
  6. I am getting older and losing the fat pad on the ball of my foot....so it aches and so does my arch. I have high heel inserts that I wear to help support me in my heels. I love heels but wearing them to actually walk in has always been hard for me, I was not born with the legs and feet that wear them easily. Angie
  7. I have a large collection of Little Shoe Box boots and shoes.....but they were all at wholesale cost, I am trying to remember what we have bought direct at retail over the years but Robert always pays and I just do not remember. I do know that paying over $500 isn't enough to even make me blink and think they are expensive so I am sure we have paid higher prices than that for some of my boots. It is my boot fetish that gets costly, I can find cheap shoes I like. Angie
  8. Ahhh you guys are sooo sweet and a big thank you to you. I do feel bad when a customer doesn't get what they thought they were going to get but ......*sigh* Anyway...this is a great Christmas gift...to come in here holding my breath and worrying that everyone hates me and I am a terrible person......and then finding these kind words and knowing that I am just human....and most of the time...I am okay! Thanks again Angie
  9. 800 Pairs? Wow, that is wonderful. If you put your collection and mine together it would need its own zipcode!!!! I honestly do not know how many I have, I have not counted them all in years. There are 3 closets full from top to bottom, they are under the bed, they are on shelves in the pantry, they are stacked from floor to ceiling in the dressing room.....they are everywhere! I will definitely need to count them.
  10. Well I am angie...of Bob and angie Not too sure anyone wants to hear the other side of the story but It can be very hard to sell on ebay, on the internet and in a store. I guess I could measure every heel....every sole....every shaft.....but if I did all the things that people want me to do....I wouldn't have time to sell the shoes. So I try...I try very hard to be accurate and helpful. I try to let people know that measurements will differ with sizing....I also encourage them to email and ask for specifics if they truly must have them. But people are people....they neglect to read and then they get mad at me and email me with nasty insults....they post messages in groups and on the internet to try to hurt me. Shame of it is...it does. After all these years it still does hurt my feelings when people call me a cheat and a liar. The only way I can deal with it is to not deal with it. So when people email me and call me names and insult me....I do not try to help them or work with them. It is very very hard to please all the people...it is impossible to please all the people all the time. If you are displeased with something.....you might want to start by assuming that the person is a good person who wants to help you rather than insulting them. This buyer could have had such a better ending than he did. All he had to do was carefully read the ad before buying, email and ask questions before buying and then...when not happy with his purchase...email and state his concerns without accusing me of being a liar and a cheat. I used to accept returns for any reason...and then the fetish photgraphers started buying expensive boots...using them for pics and returning them for a new style....people were wearing the shoes for parties and then sending them back. People were sending shoes back that we didn't sell LOL.... I used to try to measure the soles of the shoes....try to help people with sizing....then a buyer accused me of lying because my measurement of the length of the sole of a 6 inch spiked heel was off by one cm. Have you ever tried to measure the sole of a high heel????????? I give calf measurements and yet people still buy the boots without measuring their own calf to see if they fit LOL Then they email and blame me for making the boot picture LOOK like they would fit them. I wish I could make everyone happy...I wish I could do more than I do....but I cannot. But it does make me cry that in a world so full of purposeful liars and cheats, auctions that claim that plastic boots are leather, photos that are stretched, sales of boots that sellers do not even have......in that world the only complaint I find in here is against me. For those of you out there....who buy from the net and who buy from ebay....please please...read....never assume. And be very sure to start all communications without insults and accusations. Much can be fixed and avoided by not assuming anything. Angie *she who was having such fun till she was silly enough to read these posts and then dumb enough to still care*
  11. Whew.....am a collector and a wearer LOL.....but have to admit that many many of my shoes end up spending wayyyy too much time in boxes instead of being enjoyed. Maybe that is a good New year's resolution...wear a different pair everyday. LOL....wanna guess how many days I could go before I had to wear the same pair twice????? Hey...just had a fun thought. I always forget to post in these groups and then my friend david comes along and reminds me...so in honor of david....is it possible for me to have a guessing game with a prize? I honestly do not know how many pairs of shoes and boots I have but I know it is a lot. I would be willing to count them all.....and have the person who guesses closest to the number win a prize..... Can I do that here????? How can I do that? It would be fun I think and would give me a reason to count all these shoes and boots. Can make the prize a personal one or even one from our store..... Hmmm...let me know Angie
  12. I always find it amusing that leather and boots are so equated with dominance. But I guess it is true that it does give one a feeling of power, just for me it is a sexual energy and not a dominance feeling. When I know I look sexy...I feel sexy.....I act sexy. My most intimately submissive moments have been in boots and leather LOL. I guess I do everything just a little bit backwards. Angie
  13. I am going on vacation!!!!!! HURRAY!!!!! If you see some crazed gambler in Vegas in a pair of thigh high boots (I will be the one crying cuz I am always losing).......it is me!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for vacation and can't wait to spend some time out and about in my boots. My flat soles are packed for long walking days, my mini platforms are packed for a comfy comedy show and the 6 inch spikes are packed so.....well so that when I run out of $$ to gamble, I can go to the room and entice Robert into giving me more Have a great week without me and I will drop in when we return!!!!! Happy holidays Angie
  14. Hello, I have a serious question. I joined this site due to fond memories and just to hang out a bit. I didn't come here to sell shoes or heels. I actually dislike it myself when someone joins a group and just uses it as advertising space. Its kind of rude I guess. BUT.....I like to look through all the forums here and all the posts when I have time. I look in the wanted and selling forums, I collect certain styles myself. I saw someone asking where to buy heels in a size 14, my first thought was "gee I could help you out", my next thought was "isn't that tacky if I use this site to advertise myself in that way?" I guess I could have just said "wow bobandangie.com has great shoes" and not said that I was angie but.....it still seemed a little like...uhm....you know? I guess I really shouldn't care what anyone would think but for some strange reason I just don't want to be thought of as tacky and rude and if posting a message that offers a business transaction would instill that impression then I would prefer to keep this forum completely for myself personally and not involve the business venue at all. Any opinions??????? Angie
  15. LOL, diamonds always work for me!!!! Oh but for shoes uhmmm....LOL If Robert had asked me to wear boots for him I might have said...wow that is weird, if he had asked me if I wanted a pair I would have shyly said no...too embarrassed to say yes. But he just gave them to me, and even a dolt like me knew what thigh high boots were for, I wasn't at all uncertain as to his intentions and I certainly couldn't say no thank you to a gift! A sincere gift has to be accepted with grace and dignity and a pretty pair of shoes certainly couldn't be offensive, just maybe a little embarrassing. Angie
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