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  1. Bought these classics after a year long pause with heels...absolutely love them!
  2. Ahoj! Nice to see someone from my country here. So it's at least two of us... I wish you good luck with courage building. If you want, you can send me a PM so we can exchance expiriences. So again, welcome and enjoy.
  3. Bought these recently and did some outings, they are really comfy! 11 cm heel, but i'm still longing for higher...
  4. Yeah, you're right. I'm just approaching this mindset slowly cause I'm a bit conservative person... :-)
  5. Today I bought these boots in sale for 23 USD. I really like the overall shape and details. Little snug in EU42, but thats as big as they come.... http://www.tesco.com/direct/ff-faux-snakeskin-contrast-zip-detail-ankle-boots/467-2736.prd On my way home, I took the longer route and I made a stop, changed into my new boots in the car and taken them for a bit of stretch. As i was walking where i thought no one would be, two cyclists slowly passed me by, they surely could see my boots, but they had no reaction at all....I'm writing this only because this was the first time somebody saw me in heels in daylight, so it's kinda milestone for me.
  6. I ordered these few days ago....I hope they will arrive tomorrow. They were 75% off so i could't resist.
  7. So...to introduce myself, i'm 22 years old guy from Czech republic. Bear in mind it is a very conservative country. My story is probably similar to many of yours, heels have been catching my eyes ever since i can remember. Around 8 years ago i started trying my mums shoes when no one was around, few times i nearly got caught. I quickly grew out of mums shoes and just kept saying to myself that the episode is over...well, i wasn't. I took years, but i ended ordering my first pair of heels when i got to live on my own. It was a pair of 4 inch seude t-bar pumps, i've even taken them outside few times at night and still have them today. I've been reading this place for a few years, but recent development in my heeling got me to finally register.First thing, I've managed to just walk into a store and grab and try a pair of booties and pay at automated register. I couldn't imagine doing something like that before. Second thing, during one of my night walks, i was finally seen in heels by a girl which was walking her dog...i still remember her heavy stare... Currently i own 3 pairs - the seude t-bar pumps, a pair of 3,5 inch heel ankle booties and a classic 4 inch black stilleto pumps, unforunately too small. It's hard to find decent reasonably priced heels in my size in this country. Speaking of my country, i'd like to know, if there is anyone else from Czech republic? Thats probably it, so thank you for accepting my registration and i apologize for my far from perfect english.
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