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  1. The boots arrived today. Excellent leather quality, maybe the tip is slightly too long. Perfect fit. Heel not too tall for me. Ultimately a very good first purchase.
  2. I answer your first question, Don. I had never worn boots before that day, but I have a sister older than me of seven years and at that time it was normal for girls to wear boots over the knee so when a group of them came to my sister I kept looking at the their boots. I do not know why, I often wondered why this attraction. Probably the DNA . I remember my sister wearing a black maxi coat , miniskirt and otk but I never tried to put them on. I simply liked them. It all started a couple of years later, at the exact moment I tried my mom's boots. I experienced not only psychological but also physical well-being. Same good vibration after almost 45 years. On the way.
  3. This morning I bought a pair of boots with a heel of about four inches. It is the model 411 311 from Fuss. I hope they will arrive soon. You like them ?
  4. Second step. In 1983 I married my fiancee. Over the years I have developed some small preferences concerning clothing. For example socks and garter belts, skirts and trousers in leather. I think they are very sensual. The Internet does not exist yet and therefore purchase these things directly in stores. Little by little, these things become part of my wife's almost daily clothing. Do not miss shoes and sandals with a high heel at least 4 inches, and after a few years even a pair of thigh boots bought in London. My wife is very happy and willingly supports my wishes. In short, for most of the year it is dressed as I like it. In the wardrobe there are other innovations: long leather overcoats and even long gloves. Things are now easier to buy on the internet. We have everything we want to be happy. Love and sex. STOP Due to an illness and subsequent operation my wife has changed. She is no longer interested in sex, she has become anaffective. This situation has disturbed me and made me sad. It's been five years and I decided to change. I bought two pairs of thigh-high boots with a low heel. Now I put stockings and suspenders under my pants. For my birthday my wife gave me a long coat of leather and long gloves. He does not think that what I do is wrong, rather he supports me and helps me. But I do not have to ask her to have sex. When we go out together I always wear stockings and boots under my pants. A beautiful feeling. In this way my life has improved and I am happier and more balanced. Thank you for reading this long story. Perhaps too long history. But it's not over yet, now it's time for high heels. I will need you and your advice. Thank you. Thank you for your kind words. Six incredible months with Teresa and Tina as best friends. Thanks to them I love boots. A unique experience. As soon as I can add one of my photos. Max. Thank you for your kind words. Six incredible months with Teresa and Tina as best friends. Thanks to them I love boots. A unique experience. As soon as I can add one of my photos.
  5. Hello everyone, my name is Massimo, I'm 60 years old and I live in the northwest of Italy. I discovered this community and I want to tell you my story. First of all at school I studied French, so now I'm using google translator and I hope it works well. I can share my relationship with high heels and boots in three stages. The first. In the early seventies I am about 14 years old and it is December, after school I spend my afternoons at home with my mother, my aunt, a widow. For the first time my mother bought a pair of boots and is talking to my aunt about how comfortable and warm they are. many years have passed and I do not remember exactly how it happened but my mother tells me to try them. It is that moment in life in which you and I have the same measure of the foot. I put the boots on, I close the zip and go into heaven. The boots are brown with a square heel of about five centimeters and I walk comfortably around the room. I lowered the leg of the pants and so the boots are very discreet. My aunt says you are fine, my mother asks if I like them. I hope they do not see but I had an erection. Taking a few steps in the room my aunt says Teresa, my mother, you have to stretch her pants a little. This was done. From that moment, in the evening when I went out with my friends to go to the movies, I used to put on my mother's boots. Nobody has ever noticed anything. A little secret between three people. If all this happened I have to thank my aunt Tina. This paradise lasted a winter, after my foot became longer and my relationship with the boots was over for many years. If you like, I can tell you the rest. It has not always been so nice and easy.
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