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  1. Got my new Funtasma Cowboy Boots today. Worth every little penny! Seriously comfy and very easy to walk in.
  2. And as of 2:30am GMT, they've been dispatched. The boots have been sent my way faster than an organ delivery.
  3. I've got a pair of grinders cowboy boots I've had for over a year now, so I've been stung for 13 months now!
  4. Got a new pair of Funtasma cowboy boots on their way to me. This time, I've bought them from Amazon and they should be with me in less than a week.
  5. Yeah it's them on eBay. I know fakes are dangerous, but I would risk with these fakes than something that costs an effing shitload of money.
  6. There's these CL boots but the seller doesn't say they are. Might get them when money comes round later this year
  7. I bought a 'replacement pair' shall we say of Demonia Torment 703 boots. The first picture is my old and wrecked pair, and the other is the new replacement monster stompers.
  8. Where did you get those? They looked look amazing!
  9. Sadly, the funtasma cowboy boots I bought last year have gone out of stock in my size, so I guess I'm just going to have to wait until my size is restocked.
  10. If these are still available, they're really 70s and very unique.
  11. Just bought them this morning as well!
  12. Pre Christmas present to myself. Can't wait to break them in.
  13. Last Saturday, I was in my local takeaway for a pizza when these 2 little girls came in. They both said that they liked my cowboy boots, and they asked where I got them from and many other things. Who knows, I might have set them off to get a pair of their own in the future.
  14. Getting these as of tomorrow (December 13) Had to go through the web to find a pair available in my size, so I'm lucky!
  15. Today I went out for a bit with my significant other in my Demonia Torment boots. Went into a shoe shop and tried on a pair of 3 inch over the knee boots. While I was fitting them on, she said that she would like a pair in her size for Christmas (or a pair of pleaser platform boots). She also mentioned that my boot fetish has rubbed off on her, and that she's wearing them regularly at home. And also, in future she has said she would like to go on a high heel date to a restaurant for a meal. I'm a lucky son of a gun.
  16. My walking style isn't really all that goofy. Although I've realised it is changing a bit, it's still more or less unchanged. I have genuinely no idea if she's recognised me before. If she was a old school friend, then yes. But I've never seen here before. The last time I wore heels prior to that point was probably the night before just relaxing in my Demonias. :/
  17. Yesterday (as of this post) I was walking home in the morning from the job centre after an appointment. I was over a third of the way home when I passed this lady, and I can remember her saying "You don't fit flat shoes." I wasn't wearing my Demonia boots, just my usual trainers I do short trips in. After this, I'm honestly more confused than complimented.
  18. New over the knee suede boots I got on Friday afternoon.


    Really comfy and great for everyday wear. £15 for these is a bargain if you ask me.



  19. Got a new pair of flat over the knee suede boots yesterday for £15. Very comfy for the price.
  20. A little bit jealous of those knee high boots. Really like them. Did you get them online?
  21. AlexC94

    men in heels

    They're size 8, and the zipper on both boots is coming away from the leather lining.
  22. AlexC94

    men in heels

    These are my boots, Tina. The Demonia Torment platform boots are 5 inches high (best guess) with a thick platform, and my Pleaser Domina 2000 boots are 6 inches high. The latter are really worn out now but they're still a joy to walk in.
  23. I basically asked her about it, and she doesn't really mind. When I got my Demonias I showed her the pics I took.
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