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  1. So I did my walk, with the weather giving it a rest so I could do it, at last.
  2. Just relaxing in my boots from earlier this week. Been meaning to go out for a walk in them, but I liveon a sloped street, and like bollocks I'm doing that.
  3. This should be better. Turns out they're Carvelas
  4. Got these new white boots off eBay. Made in Brazil, not sure on brand. They're a size smaller and a touch snug but I'm managing.
  5. Will this site see Gifs in the future? Not asking for much, really.
  6. Here's 3 with my other half. Turns out she's as mad about boots as I am.
  7. Might get these boots later this year if I get the funds together.
  8. I'm a uk7 (10) so I'll look harder.
  9. I'm trying to find a pair of these boots in my size! It's damn difficult.
  10. I'm almost the same size. I'm a UK7, but the sizes in other countries that measure up the same keep fluctuating and it's a little confusing sometimes.
  11. 10 pairs for me. Ranging from flat to 7 inch heels with a platform.
  12. Same here. My other half likes my boots as well; I got her a pair of boots for Christmas which she is wearing in the picture.
  13. Got these blue boots in time for the summer. Hopefully, it won't be too sweltering to feel like I'm shedding a layer of flesh in them.
  14. I suppose my Pleaser Adore 2043 boots count, right?
  15. Im guessing a 6 inch heel and a 2 inch platform.
  16. Got a pair of big lita clones today. I'm a UK7 and these are UK6 but aside from the tightness over the brow of my foot, im having no issues walking in them!
  17. They look style wise familiar to the brown cowboy boots I bought in February of this year. Can't really ignore it.
  18. I've got a pair of Pleaser boots too! From tge adore range, as well?
  19. Just put them on with the keyring zip hold. No problems. Yay!
  20. Phew. Thought I wouldn't be able to get them on again. Close call.
  21. So, the little flappy handle on one of my Pleaser boots broke so I improvised with a small keyring. Is this a good idea?
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