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  1. By the look of the gold embossed logo on the sole of the platforms they are probably are made by Schutz.
  2. For U.K. stiletto fans I came across on Amazon what look like the copy CL's sold on Ali Express. i have not bought these but thought they may be of interest as they go to size 10 UK.
  3. Must say I'm a bit surprised that a couple of the comments mention a dislike of stockings, please excuse me as I'm a new member and niavly assumed everyone who wore heels loved stockings. Nice pics and interesting subject as I have only started wearing skirts around the house fairly recently and am very much enjoying the combination.
  4. Thanks for the welcome and hi to everyone. Ive just joined and really looking forward to getting involved in this fantastic community. I've added a couple of photos which you should hopefully be able to see on my profile page. Hope to find some like minded people and make a contribution/learn something.