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  1. It was long time ago when we took this picture but, fortunately, it's still here
  2. I'd say these are made by 1969 and bought @eBay Germany...
  3. Hello ladies and gents, I would like to buy a pair of wedge sneakers. I know there are lots of options but when it comes to buying there is always "something". I pretty much like the Jimmy Choo Panama but the price of €550 is much too much for me. I would like to spend not more than €200-250 - it can be a high brand or a no-name. I would also like the wedge height of 8-10 cm and my size is US11 - EU42/43. Have you got anything interesting that might catch an eye of mine? Couple of minutes ago I found THESE but it's not exactly what I'm looking for. Please share your thoughts, ideas and any options that might be helpful for me and other wedge heelers
  4. @Jkrenzer, you are wrong. 1969 do send combined packages. I'm a good example of that I initially bought B5 Pigalle pumps in red for my wife and then couple of days later I was able to win a second auction with another pair. You just need to write a letter, probably to Mario from the company and ask him to wait with the shipment. I must admit that my wife usually wears size 39, sometimes 38.5 and these shoes made by 1969 are just a little bit too small. Although it's prime leather, I think they will stretch out but I must make my wife wearing them more often I usually buy size 42 but with this company I had to go one size up and it fits So it means that Italian shoes and boots require going one size up than you normally do. Will do some photos in near future and upload them here
  5. Not bad indeed:) I'm still considering the black Mulders in US10 because they should fit without any problems but the price and the additional custom fees to Poland are pushing me back. Too bad that the customs are so expensive and there is no way to avoid them
  6. Actually I'd like to get a promo code for a 20-30% discount at stevemadden.eu. Unfortunately, all the codes that apply to the steve's .com site are invalid at .eu site. This is so unfair that the Europeans have to pay so much more than the Americans. If you have any code that applies at stevemadden.eu site, please share it. I would like to buy GLOBAAL chunky boots but paying 150 € is not a great option for me. I would either prefer to find them cheaper or to buy sth similar in size 42.
  7. Recently we bought almost the same boots for my better half and for me. I bought her Steve Madden Highting Later on I bought myself almost identical boots from Urbanog. Of course, the Maddens are better made and they look nicer. However, I didn't want to spend $300 so I had to choose the cheaper option for myself. I don't regret it because we are both satisfied about the products. We both confirm that these shoes are easy to walk. I hope that later today we will make some pictures together so I'm pretty sure you will eventually see 2 pairs compared together;)
  8. Another great post and a set of pictures. You really have a great taste in choosing the right shoes and boots for you! That's also great you've got such a support in photography Could you please give us some details about the shoes/boots you were in during this photo session? And, of course, if you have something more, do not hesitate to upload them I'll have some free time with my wife within the next couple of days, so I'm going to ask her to do some heeling together. I hope we'll get some pictures from that activity.
  9. If you wear UK 7 or even UK 8 then you are very lucky - you will have plenty of opportunities in future to buy again and again new shoes. These boots are smoking hot and it's good that you wear them so comfortably. Living in the UK and buying such heels is still much easier than in the Central Europe - people in the Western Europe care less about what other people wear. Here in Poland, it's a bit more tricky because you won't find anything in stores which is beyond EU 40 (UK 7) and the female salesmen won't be that supportive and professional in their behaviour. Everybody will stare at you and trying to stop laughing when you try the shoes on. But anyway, great shoes and please send more photos with other pairs so that we can send more compliments on your taste
  10. Yeah, cool boots. But I think that @9inchheel has got the best ones, which are in his avatar. I've never seen such ones in any store
  11. dahool


    I read about milanoo.com and there are many websites telling the site is a scam. Please be aware of that.
  12. Here they are http://www.newlook.com/shop/shoe-gallery/view-all-shoes/limited-nude-patent-super-platform-court-shoes-_283667314 I wonder if this uk8 is more like 42 because in Poland the New Look shoes are always translated as UK 8/EU 42 even though it's not sure. Maybe I'll go with my wife and try some UK8 heels in the shop to have some knowledge. I wouldn't like to order shoes which are too tight.
  13. @stilettonz, could you please pass the links to these beauties? They are simply great!!!
  14. by the way, what are the heels from your avatar? Are these some Loubies? They are really cool. Again, probably not in 42/43 EU size:(
  15. @Heeleddude, great shoes both in the pictures and in the avatar. It's a pity that Carvela goes up to UK 8 size:( I wish I could buy them in UK 9 or 10 because I've heard they go a bit tight and small.
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